Traditional Holiday Sweets

Tradition grounds us, especially in times of turmoil. Indulge and celebrate.

Plum Pudding         left to right

Plum Christmas Pudding by Fortnum & Mason: 5 day delivery. Filled with sweet plum jam running through the middle, this Magnificent Plum Christmas Pudding takes our St James Pudding to a whole new level. The festive staple is packed with fruits soaked in Fortnum’s Damson Gin, instead of the traditional cognac and rum, whilst marcona almonds join a ring of cherries on the top and rings of oranges decorate the sides. 12cm(H) x 18cm(W) x 16cm(D) $57.43

Fortnum & Mason Individual St. James Christmas Puddings $12.87

If you’re in Manhattan:  Meyers of Keswick 634 Hudson Street carries Plum Pudding

Wilkin & Sons Tiptree Hard Sauce, Brandy Butter: 6 Ounces. The classic pudding topper. $10.95

Christmas Pudding with Brandy Butter Hard Sauce Gift Set: Ships 2 day Fedex. ?  Hogan’s Christmas Pudding with delicious fruits and nuts steeped in generous amounts of whisky and Shout, Made in England. 16 oz. Christmas Dessert for 4 Brandy Butter hard sauce made in Ireland. Net Wt 6 oz. Christmas plum pudding and brandy butter for 4.  $33.95

Gingerbread     clockwise

1 Dozen Individually Wrapped Gingerbread Men with Red Ribbon:  Handmade Molasses, cinnamon, eggs, brown sugar, vanilla, sugar, flour, powdered sugar, spices. $36.00 Add a name for .50 each.

Wicklein Original Nurnberger Gingerbread Wafer Cookies: 2 pack. Glazed German Christmas cookies with 14% nuts and kernels. $21.99

Gingerbread Cake from Duff Goldman: This 6 inch, 4-layer gingerbread cake is filled with sweet and creamy vanilla cream cheese icing, and decorated with chocolate buttercream frosting with a piped white buttercream edge, red buttercream dots, and a brown fondant gingerbread man! $69.00

Stollen and Bûche De Noël     clockwise

The Saxon King’s Christmas Stollen: This is the authentic Stollen that has been a German tradition for over 500 years and a holiday treat favored by the Saxon royal family. Made by hand using a nearly 200-year-old recipe, each sweet yeast loaf is baked with generous amounts of rum-soaked raisins and dried fruit. The cooled loaves are then dipped into melted butter and vanilla sugar and finished with a dusting of confectioners’ sugar. From a famed Munich bakery that has long been a purveyor to the court of fine baked goods and confections. $49.95

Original Dresdner Stollen Gift Tin: To be designated an official Dresdner stollen, each stollen must be made by hand (in Dresden) with required ingredients, including real butter (never margarine!), whole milk, rum-soaked sultanas, and sweet and bitter almonds. $39.95

Bûche De Noël: This rich chocolate sheet cake is filled with irresistible sweet coffee cream, rolled to resemble a Yule log, and topped with delectable chocolate icing. Express 2 day shipping. $39.99

Photo by Noelle Otto from Pexels

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