Wearable Art

Be literally artful with these grin-inducing pieces. Garments are polyester or poly/cotton. Hand wash and iron with something between the garment and iron or dry clean. Some are thermoprinted, some silk screened. You are NOT likely to see yourself coming and going. Note- sizes give measurements specs, pay attention. Also remember apparel from that part of the world tends to be cut small. All are handmade: bespoke. All charge $12.00 shipping to the US.

Van Gogh I

Left and Bottom Detail: Brown, crewneck, poly/cotton Tee with terrific Van Gogh Autumn Harvest bell sleeves accented by yellow ribbon. $125.00

Right: Van Gogh self portrait on an apt wave pattern. Front of shirt has no image. Silky polyester. Inside is white. $98.00

Van Gogh II: Irises

Left: Yellow Tunic/shirt– Sleeves to elbow. Crewneck. Unfussy. Silky polyester. $135.00

Center: Long, Loose Blouse or Mini Dress Off the shoulder flirty. Gathered neckline. Poet sleeves with big, bell, tasseled cuffs. Polyester. $155.00

Right: Vintage Inspired Iris Dress– Yellow and white stripes with Van Gogh iris print. Puff sleeves. Double bows at front. Feminine. Grounded. Poly/cotton $219.00

Waves on Land and Sea

Left: Sketchy, Landscape with Waves Dress– Fresh looking. French Impressionist meets Asian. Long midi, short sleeves, pretty, face- framing collar, buttons. Polyester. $139.00

Right: The Great Wave of Kanagawa– Hokusai Dress-  Sample size sale. On trend silhouette. Original design. Satin/polyester/silk (MUST NOT wash with dark color clothes. MUST NOT use high temperature iron or steam) $29.00 

Big Shirts

Left: Japanese Wave– Inspired Shirt- Makes a simple bottom look polished. Polyester. $139.00

Right: Van Gogh Irregular Boyfriend Shirt– Oversized. Floaty. Sheer poly/cotton. $179.00


Left: Impressionist Portrait of A Woman Skirt– Distinctive color. A-line, knee length. $118.00

Right: Matisse T-Shirt Dress– Wear it over a bathing suit or skinny pants. Poly/cotton $118.00

Not Shown: Religious Icon Tee $95.00 


Left: Toulouse Lautrec Artist Shirt– in green or white linen. Handsome; subtle. Flat collar, puff sleeves, extended round neck. $169.00

Right: Van Gogh Painting Skirt– Dramatic without raising its voice. Perfect for the season. Elastic Waist. Maxi.  $149.00

The items featured in this article have been chosen by the editors of Woman Around Town simply because we like them and think you may, too. No advertising fees have been paid to Woman Around Town for this article.