A Night Out Around Town

A girl’s night out can sometimes be difficult to organize. From choosing something that is fun to making sure the destination is to everyone’s taste, trying something new isn’t always straightforward. For East-coasters, the problem can be magnified by the huge amount of options available and whether they are actually any good in the first place. We’ll be picking through some fun ladies night ideas, including bars, restaurants and cultural experiences as well as a few fun ideas to keep your night interesting and exciting.

Although it isn’t hard to find things to do in the Big Apple, dodging tourists and avoiding paying top dollar for attractions can be tough. Broadway show tickets can be picked up in advance for reduced prices and are a great night out if mixed with a pre- and post-show bar. Eat at the twee Ellen’s Stardust Diner to get you in the mood for a musical, with off-Broadway future starts picking up some extra cash by singing and dancing across the tables.

One great way to either enjoy or avoid the booze is by visiting the casino. Yes, it’s likely that there will be free cocktails, but the big advantage of getting stuck into a game of poker, roulette or blackjack is the chance to make some money on your night out. Make sure you play casino online at 888casino to get some free practice in first, so that when the big night out comes you won’t be left with an empty purse. (Please note that only New Jersey residents will be able to play at the online casino for real money). Atlantic City is the region’s gambling hotspot if you can’t make Vegas, but why not try something a little closer to home? Resorts World and the Empire City Casino in New York are decent alternatives and the MGM National Harbour in South Washington is one of the best casinos in the country. Make sure you get some practice in online first, so that when the big night out comes you won’t be left with an empty purse.

Downtown D.C. has become a top nightlife spot in the last few years, with hundreds of new bars popping up all over the city. Try the Looking Glass Lounge, a vintage old-timey bar with open-mic comedy, karaoke and quiz nights that get pretty raucous as the drinks flow. If late night dancing is your thing, then DC9 is a snug basement club that mixes great music with a party atmosphere, ideal for letting your hair down.

If karaoke isn’t quite your thing, then one of Washington’s best kept secrets might just be the perfect night out for you and your friends. Some of the best Smithsonian museums as well as independent venues and art galleries across the city host regular night events, including live music, exhibitions and special after dark opening hours, so a night out doesn’t have to revolve around food or alcohol.

If you’re still feeling the Vegas vibes, then Catch Me: The Magic Duel in D.C. is a hilarious magic show that is less corny act with glamorous assistant and more murderous comedy act that is guaranteed to make you laugh. Tie this in with something dinner at the venue. The fabulous Mayflower Hotel hosts the Edgar Bar & Kitchen, an elegant dining experience that caters for groups.

Photo by Pixabay