We Celebrate Our Women Around Town 2023

During 2023, we had the honor of showcasing some amazing women. They represent a variety of professions and continue to inspire us. If you missed any of their stories, we have gathered them here for you to read. Click on each woman’s name to read the article. Know someone we should profile in 2024? Let us know!

Joanie Brittingham

Jessica Chen

Stephanie Kingsbury

Kirsten C. Kunkle

Margaret Getchell LaForge

Lauren Pelaia

Guadalupe Peraza

Vieve Radha Price

Sandy Safi

Sandhi Smalls Santini

Marsha Solomon


Miranda Stuck

Ellen Hart Sturm

Miatian Sun

Cristina Uruc

V (formerly Eve Ensler)

Anne Yoakam

Top photo: Bigstock