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Lorna Byrne

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An “Irish Modern-Day Mystic” Gives Us Messages from the Angel Realm


Considering her impact on the world, Lorna Byrne is petite and soft spoken. The Irish brogue that has stayed intact despite her trips around the world, is delicate and one strains to capture every word. Sometimes she doesn’t know what English word to use, and often says, “I don’t know what you call it here in America….”. She may also say things like “Rosmantic,” when speaking about something “romantic.” And, during the recent Q & A at the Marble Collegiate Church at 29th Street and Fifth Avenue, responded that since she is dyslexic, she doesn’t read much, not much “at ‘tall.”

Maybe you’ve heard of her, maybe not, but she is an international number one bestselling author of books on the angel realm.  It’s a topic that has not gotten much play in the past, but is growing in popularity, as if it “had wings.” Though she had been communicating with angels since a toddler growing up in Dublin, Ireland. Not only had she been communicating with them, the angels made themselves known to her almost on a daily basis. Because of her young age, and seemingly to be in her a “world of my own,” her parents and the family doctor believed Lorna was “retarded.” She was a late talker, though she’d been “conversing with angels from very early on.”  Lorna believed that everyone could see “beings floating in the air like feathers…being fascinated with their beautiful lights.”

Born in the 1950’s, it wasn’t until 2008 when Lorna shared her experiences in her memoir, Angels In My Hair. She had been instructed not to speak of her gift until the time was right, and even her children, though they knew their mom was different, didn’t know the whole story. She was told that at the right time, a publisher would come to her for her story, and that she’d write it, despite the little schooling and lack of writing experience. And that’s the way it happened.

Angels at My Fingertips

On an unusually warm February evening, Lorna was the guest of the Open Center and discussed her recent book Love from Heaven with Alan Steinfeld, host and producer of New Realities, a New York City cable show featuring religious leaders and artists from around the world. The Marble Collegiate Church offers a perfect environment for such an event with its stunning Tiffany windows, and inclusive community where all are welcome. “There is a profound yearning in our world,” Lorna said, of why her message is resonating with so many people; her books hitting number one the minute they’re released. “Even if you don’t believe, your angels are with you.” She then described the angels she can see in the great church. “There are angels here carrying the American flag,” she says, “And the flags are waving as if there’s wind and by each angel’s heart is a dove holding a green twig.” What this means, she explains, is that we will get through all the doubts and hatred being felt around the world.

“America,” Lorna says, “is the bright spot in the world, the place filled with every culture in the world, and an example of how we can get along.” She says that as soon as she lands in America, “the streets sparkle like diamonds….I don’t see that in any other country. My friends back in Ireland get so mad when I say that.”

Lorna has written seven books, all bestsellers, and each one covering either a message from the angels, of stories of her life. Called a “modern day Irish mystic,” Lorna grew up poor in Old Kilmainham, and because she didn’t go to school, learned office work in her father’s business. Every day the angels communicated messages to her about what happens after death, about what people carry in their hearts, about her own future including when she’d meet the man she’d marry and the children they would have.  Her husband, Joe, died at an early age, an experience that Lorna knew would come; she also knew that she would struggle financially after he died, but that she would write the book. Lorna used to “laugh” when the angels told her about her book writing since with the dyslexia, she could “hardly read or write.”

Today, Lorna is welcomed around the world, and seems to be always on tour. As she looks around the church, she tells the crowd – and, indeed, it was a full house – that we all have a guardian angel who is assigned to us at birth, and is always at the ready to assist when called upon.  That’s the secret. “We have to ask for their help, we should always thank them, and remember that we are all pure love, and that our soul is a little piece of God inside all of us.”

Regarding the current occupant in the White House, Lorna appears unconcerned and says, “Your president is a little wobbly, like a baby.  Every president needs the guidance of the people. You have to pray for your president, and stand up and take your part.” Lorna sees a bright future for America, that all faiths will be able to come together. Her reminder before she led the audience through a prayer to the Archangel Michael, is “To pray… you don’t know how powerful it is.”

Lorna Byrne has a sequel to her memoir,  Angels in My Hair, coming out in April. Called, Angels at my Fingertips, this book chronicles how the angels helped her through the traumatic events in her adult life. Visit lornabyrne.com for touring information and book releases.

The Open Center, 22 East 30 Street, presents a comprehensive range of holistic programs. Upcoming events focus on medical intuitiveness, learning tools for balance and peace of mind, and reiki.  For their full schedule visit opencenter.org.

Top photo credit: Alenushka Kremer