Celebrate Her Unique Personality With These Personalized Gift Ideas

There’s nothing wrong with giving the special lady in your life a more traditional gift. You know, those cherished items like books, scarves, perfume, or even a piece of jewelry. However, these gifts may not adequately suit her unique personality—so to make her feel special, you need to think outside the box with a personalized gift.

Not sure how to start celebrating her uniqueness with personalized gifts? These ideas will help you get started this holiday season.

Personalized Gift Ideas for the Unique Woman in Your Life

Whether you’re headed to the shopping mall or choosing to go with online retailers instead, here are some personalized gift ideas that will help make her feel special.

Monogram Cases

There’s something special about seeing your initials on personal items. Monograms are classy, stylish, and extremely personal. There’s also no limit to what you can monogram, so start thinking about what she likes and needs.

Maybe she is a frequent traveler, so what about a set of monogrammed luggage? Seeing initials on luggage makes it easier to find the suitcases at busy baggage claim areas. 

Not romantic enough? Monogram a velvet jewelry box for her. To add to the sense of romance, don’t forget to include a special piece of jewelry inside. 

Create a Special Candle

A candle may not seem like a unique gift until it becomes a one-of-a-kind item. You can find a candle-making shop online or even in your area; they’re much more common than you may think.

You can create a special scent for her using her favorite herbs and flowers, and you also get to name the candle, which is where this personalized gift really shines. You can name the candle after her or create a special message. Some shops will even let you select from a variety of jars to add an even more personal touch to the thoughtful gift.

Make a Keepsake Recipe

Does she love to cook, or is there a dish special to your relationship? If so, you can turn the recipe into a thoughtful and unique gift to give her.

All you need is the recipe and a skilled engraver—but don’t worry; you can find professional engravers in almost any city and online. How this gift idea works is simple: the recipe is engraved on the wood, and a coat of varnish is applied.

Now, she has a constant reminder of the special meal. Not sure if varnished wood is her thing? You can skip the varnish and go with a color instead. If the recipe isn’t too complex, you may want to have it stenciled instead of engraved. 

Try to use your imagination here and carefully try to consider her preferences when creating this unique gift.

Recognize Her Love of Writing

Does she keep a daily journal or love to send messages to friends and family? If the answer is yes, consider giving her personalized stationery and matching envelopes. 

The stationary can have her initials, name, or a saying she is fond of. You can also go with images if you think she’d prefer. Consider incorporating a favorite vacation spot or picture of you two into the graphic, and don’t forget to ensure the envelopes match the stationery.

If she loves keeping up with her journal, she’s going to need a new one at some point in the future. So, why not give her a personalized one with plenty of heartfelt meaning behind it?

You can choose the binding material and color, as picking her favorite color gives the journal added meaning. Have her name or initials embossed on the front and include a personal message inside. This way, every time she opens the journal, she’ll think of you.

Give Her the Gift of Jewelry

You can never go wrong with giving the special lady in your life jewelry. However, skip the display counters and go for something unique and special.

Engraved pendants are always a great option. Depending on the size and style, you can even include a short, sweet message of love.

Pendants complete with pictures are another gift idea. So are rings with meaningful stones. Go beyond her birthstone and mix it up with other semi-precious stones. You can include your birthstone and make it a unique eternity ring. If you have children, add in their birthstones, and make it a gift from all of her loved ones.

Bracelets and pendants are other options. Now you have something to place inside the monogrammed jewelry case.

Create a Blanket with a Message

You can never have too many blankets in the winter, right? Some people like having a blanket in every room. After all, you never know when you may need a minute to curl up and relax on a gray and cold day. If your special someone loves warm, comfy blankets, why not give her one that’s both fun and functional?

Turn the throw into a fun word search game with hidden messages celebrating her unique personality. She can stay occupied finding the messages while staying warm and comfortable, and don’t be afraid to join the fun! Sometimes, finding hidden messages of love is better when there are two of you searching for them together.

Make a Sentimental Jigsaw Puzzle

Is she always working on a jigsaw puzzle? If so, why not give her one with a special meaning? Almost any photo can be turned into a jigsaw puzzle, and this gift idea is also relatively inexpensive. 

Depending on the photo, the puzzle can have 400 or 2,000 or more pieces. Start scrolling through your saved photos to find one that represents her unique qualities. You can also choose a family photo. Just go with your heart, and she’s bound to love this unique holiday gift.

Recognize Her Love of Beauty

Okay, so for this idea, you’ll need to do some snooping for this unique gift. If your special someone loves makeup, why not give her personalized lipstick cases? You also are not limited to lipstick cases; compacts are another great idea.

Choose the canister and compact material, pick a color, and add the embellishments. This can include her initials or some faux jewels. During your snooping, make sure you take note of her preferred lipstick size to ensure her current ones slip easily into the holders.

Celebrate Her Uniqueness with a Personalized Gift

Giving her a unique and personalized gift is the perfect way to show you love her just the way she is, and the more personal and unique to her it is, the more you can show that you care.

You may need to think outside of the box, but the extra effort is more than worth it when you see her reaction.

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