10 Interior Designer Ideas on Bedroom Spaces that You Can Do this Summer

Just like your closet needs a makeover every season, your bedroom too needs to be updated for the coming summer. You want to decorate it in a way that will keep things cool even with the summer heat. With that in mind, here are some top tips shared by interior designers on how you can decorate your bedroom for summer.

1. Use clean, light sheets

Pack your winter blankets away and bring in the light sheets. You won’t be needing much protection from the cold this season so these sheets will work best with your bed. Opt for neutral colors like white, beige, and light blue as these give off a sense of airiness to your room. 

2. Install sheer drapery

Sheer drapery is perfect for letting all that natural light come in. There’s nothing like having an afternoon nap in the bed, basking in the warm sunshine. If you’re worried about the room getting too hot, opt for curtains that are made of thick material but are still sheer. This is so the room is still well-insulated even with all that bright light. 

3. Use mirrors

Some of us are not blessed with wide enough windows that allow for much natural light. You can fix that with a mirror placed right by the window. This will enhance the natural light you’re getting and even allow you to have an easy access view to the outside.

4. Hide clutter

With a disorganized room, you’ll only feel stress and anxiety which makes it difficult to relax. Getting rid of clutter will not just make your room neater, it will also help maintain that light feeling that’s ideal for summer. 

5. Use storage baskets

Speaking of clutter, you can use baskets as a way to store your items. Opt for ones made from natural materials like sisal, wicker, and hyacinth grass. This will also bring a more organic feel to your bedroom.

6. Bring in the plants

Plants are a quick way to spruce up a room. They’re easy on the eyes and can enhance the indoor air quality. Opt for plants like the Parlor Palm, Peace Lily, or Snake Plants as these species are very low maintenance and can thrive even with little light. 

7. Try flowers too

If maintaining plants isn’t your thing, you can use flowers instead. They are just as beautiful and will last you for up to two weeks. On your next trip to the farmer’s market, take a bouquet of flowers with you and place it in a beautiful vase. Place it somewhere where you can easily see it so you’re always greeted by these fresh blooms. 

8. Use bright colors

A way to create a more summery atmosphere in your bedroom is by using bright colors. This can be achieved in a variety of ways such as repainting your dresser, using colorful throw pillows, or framing colorful portraits. You can even add trendy house items to your home. Just make sure that it still matches with your current decor. 

9. Have a relaxing nook

Who says the bedroom is just for sleeping? Even with a small room, you can still create a small relaxing nook where you can do calming activities like sewing, reading, drinking a cup of coffee. This can quickly become your favorite place in the bedroom if you take the time to curate it.

10. Simplify the decor

Summer is a time of ease and relaxation. Make sure this is reflected in your bedroom by keeping everything simple. Don’t overwhelm the room with too much stuff and knick-knacks. If you have furniture in the bedroom that you don’t really need, take it out and hide it in the garage for now. This creates more space in the bedroom making it easy to move around.

Image by BUMIPUTRA from Pixabay 

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