3 Awesome Destinations To Help Your Spiritual Journey

If you are feeling a little stuck in a rut, and you’re keen to see more of the world, then consider scratching that wanderlust itch and traveling. For many, travel is a spiritual experience. Others go further and put their spirituality at the center of their trip planning. If you are on a spiritual quest, you will want more out of your travel rather than the usual tourist hotspots, a beach, sun, and an electric social scene. You will want to venture somewhere with a deeper meaning and significance. Check out these three awesome destinations when looking to head off on your spiritual journey.

Kyoto, Japan

One of the most spiritual places in the Far East is Kyoto in Japan. The stunning city is full of Buddhist and Taoist temples. Each one illustrates how spirituality is still so central to the Japanese way of life. Visiting a temple is inclusive, and the monks present make every visitor feel welcome. You will begin by washing your hands before entering the sacred site. Then you can walk the grounds and view the gardens. Some temples also allow you to sit in on a Buddhist ceremony. You must take off your shoes, not take photos and simply sit and watch. The chanting, drums, and incense can be hugely atmospheric and moving. Kyoto has many temples ranging from the tiny to the grandest such as Kinkaku-Ji. Take your time and explore as many as possible on your spiritual quest.

Mount Shasta, California

One of the most spiritual mountains on Earth is Mount Shasta in California. Here, you will find the home of many different religious communities. Why so many varied spiritual entities find themselves drawn to this mountain is not fully understood. However, this active volcano is beautiful and rugged. This may sound scary, but many people have seen signs of angels when scaling it. It is renowned for the positive energy it projects and was once used by native Americans as a place to relax, fish, and feel at one with nature. Nowadays, you can find many spiritual retreats and healing centers adorning the mountain.

Varanasi, India

India is seen as the center of worldwide spirituality with the sacred Ganges river in Northern India being integral to the colorful city of Varanasi. Here, Hindus flock to bathe in the river, to cremate their loved ones, and to pray. The Ganges itself can be polluted, and yet its sense of spirituality is great. Hindus deem Varanasi to be the oldest and one of the most sacred spots in the world. People come to Varanasi and the Ganges to bathe, be healed, and to feel at one with the world. The scenery is vibrant, and the sunsets glorious. This is the place to be if you want to meditate, find some quiet time, and veer away from the consumption of the world.

Spirituality is hard to define. It is a personal journey that you must take. Follow this guide to inspire the next step you will take on your spiral quest.

Photo by Belle Co from Pexels

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