5 Steps To Create an Instagrammable Kitchen

Are you tired of your mundane kitchen? Does your cooking space not match the aesthetic of your social-media-worthy dishes? Kitchens, nowadays, have become the main socializing spot for house gatherings. Therefore, it has become essential for this room to be in top-notch condition. 

To transform your dusty kitchen into one that’s packing the WOW factor you need to follow these 5 simple steps. it is time to bring out your inner interior designer and create the perfect Instagrammable kitchen.


Let’s face it, most of us don’t have millions to create our awe-inspiring kitchens. To remodel our kitchen effectively, we must first know what can be changed. It may be unreasonable to refurbish our entire kitchen with new cabinets and stoves. However, repainting existing cupboards is possible. This is also an important step of how to choose an interior designer.

Similarly, renovating the kitchen with cheap but stylish decor can be an alternative to buying expensive wall paintings. Budgeting should be the number one step when embarking on this wonderful journey to revitalize your kitchen. Once we have established what we can and cannot do, we can move on to our actual transformation. 

Color Scheme

A contrast of light and dark colors complimenting each other can elevate your kitchen to a whole new level. Hence, the color scheme should be the first transformative action you decide upon. The most popular color schemes seen in celebrity homes recently include a combination of dark, emerald or sage green kitchen cabinets and white walls. This simple but elegant color combination gives your kitchen a funky grace, unseen before.

However, the fun part of this process is that it entirely depends on your style! Whether you like the classic yin-yang black and white or the burst of cool blue, pick whatever suits your aesthetic! However, be mindful that your kitchen color scheme matches the rest of your house. Once you have your perfect color scheme picked out, you’ll be able to get a better sense of what will fit into your kitchen.   

Surface Decorations 

Nowadays, a creative mind can turn anything into a piece of art. We have our pictures, stickers, fridge magnets, and whatnot, but to truly enhance our kitchen we need to think more craftily. We will now put our minds to the test and pick what day-to-day items can be used as decorations.

From fruits to plates, anything can be transformed into a decoration. Placing a cute fruit basket, stacked with fresh apples and bananas, as the centerpiece of your kitchen table emits a clam, yet aesthetic vibe. 

Moreover, arranging your spices and canned food items neatly on your counters can be considered decorations that please the eye. However, you must research what canned food brand you use. Our goal should be to obtain canned food items sealed by machines manufactured by reliable can seaming machine suppliers. No one wants a dented canned food lid to ruin the artful ambiance of your kitchen.   

Lastly, creatively arrange hand towels and your silverware to increase accessibility, while making your kitchen social-media-worthy. 

Wall Decorations 

Now that we have discussed the arrangements of objects on the ground, we can move to the walls. The walls are the essence of your kitchen. They will always be in our line of sight. Therefore, it is vital that our kitchen walls look their best. The utmost thing to keep in mind is that any decoration we place must match the color scheme of the entire kitchen.

Paintings can be a good place to start. Placing small art pieces side by side, symmetrically, would give an artsy touch to your kitchen. Avoid using large paintings as they are hard to fit into kitchens. Our focus should be quantity and quality. Cutely arranged paintings, ranging from sceneries to portraits, can truly elevate your kitchen’s Instagram presence. 

Crockery has become a major part of kitchen decorations. Beautiful, hand-designed plates can be hung on walls. Alongside these plates, cooking utensils can also serve the purpose of simple wall decorations. Your spatulas and ladles can be hung on the walls. Not only would this prevent cluttering our countertops, but it’ll also add a rustic touch to our kitchen walls.  

Finally, hanging hand towels is also a great idea. It provides accessibility while providing your kitchen a clean and graceful look. 


There is no point in creating such a wondrous kitchen if you will never use it. For this kitchen to be truly Instagrammable, there should be loads of delicious meals cooked in this newly transformed kitchen. 

To help you with this endeavor, you can buy cookbooks. Many cookbooks contain simple and easy-to-make dishes. Such cookbooks are readily available online. These cookbooks can also act as part of your surface decorations if you stack them neatly in a corner. 

If cookbooks are not your style, we have another solution for you. In this age of technology, everything and anything can be found online. Cooking recipes and tutorials are no different. You will find numerous youtube channels providing you with step-by-step guides to create and plate up an amazing meal. 


Everyone loves sharing their beautiful moments of life with their loved ones over social media. By transforming your kitchen into the Instagram models of cooking spaces, you can upload your photos without worrying about your kitchen not looking up to the mark. In a space like this, not only will you feel more homely and at peace, but also leave your guests in awe!

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

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