5 Things You Should Know About Jet Ski Rentals

Cruising away on a jet ski is a fun activity. Before zooming across the ocean, you’ll need to understand the rental process. For instance, did you know you must have your water license to operate a personal watercraft (PWC)? 

Depending on where you rent from, there will likely be guidelines jet ski renters must follow for pickup and drop-off. There may also be markers in the water that outline how far out the rental companies allow you to go. Before you rent your jet ski, you’ll be instructed about these specifications by the boating staff.

The rental company will go over safety guidelines. They may implement state requirements like checking that you’ve completed boating education courses. Continue reading for five additional things to know about the jet ski rental process before searching “rent jet skis near me.” 

1.   The booking options vary when you search “rent jet skis near me.”

Search “rent jet skis near me” to find booking options that match your plans. Some companies allow for daily, hourly, or a combination period, so customers can choose the option that fits their interests and budgets. Be aware of time constraints for renting. 

2.   Jet ski rental companies follow their own seating limit requirements. 

PWCs are typically for two to three people. When you browse “rent jet skis near me,” this limit might be confusing, given that the weight capacity exceeds that of two or three individuals. Check what the seating limit is at potential rental companies to determine how many rentals you’ll need for your group. 

  • Most rental companies prohibit riders from standing on jet skis.

PWCs are designed for riders to sit on the watercraft. When you browse “rent jet skis near me,” stay aware of the style of jet skis available for rent so you can choose the rental company that has rentals in the style you’re comfortable with. 

4.   Professional jet ski rental companies require riders to wear life jackets. 

No matter how comfortable you are operating a jet ski, there is always the chance that you may fall off, resulting in the need for a life jacket. Life jackets are available at jet ski rental locations. Professional jet ski rental companies may require that you wear a life jacket before beginning your rental period. 

5.   The starting renting age may vary. 

Laws restrict the starting age at which you can rent a jet ski. As you search under “rent jet skis near me,” you’ll find that some states require that you be at least 25 years old to rent a jet ski. Make sure that you’re aware of any rental age requirements before finalizing your rental plans.

Stay safe. Get set. Jet! 

Jet skiing is a favorite activity for those who love the water. Whether you’re a seasoned operator or just completed your first boating course, your time renting your jet ski will be thoroughly enjoyed. Keep the above in mind as you go about the rental process. Stay safe, get set, and jet!

Photo by Yuriy Bogdanov on Unsplash