5 Ways To Make Father’s Day Extra Special

Making father’s day special can be a great way to show your other half that they are loved and appreciated beyond words. Anybody can buy a card, but below you’ll find 5 ways to make father’s day extra special. Take a look and see what you can do! 

  1. Don’t Just Buy A Gift – Make Something

Making gifts can be a great way to show somebody that they are cared for. They can also make lovely souvenirs that they keep for years to come! What you make can depend on your kid’s age level and ability, but there’s no end of options. Below you’ll find some suggestions:

  • scrapbook
  • A jar with ‘why we love dad’ notes
  • A family painting
  • A ‘number 1 dad’ sign 
  • Cupcakes/cookies

Get creative and see what you can come up with! 

2. Make Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast in bed is always a great treat, so why not get up earlier with your kids and let them take the lead? They could make a simple breakfast like scrambled eggs, or something a little more fancy, like pancakes! Whatever you make, put it on a tray and add his favorite morning beverage to help him get ready for the rest of the day! 

3. Buy Something Unusual As A Gift

Buying gifts can be tough, but there are some unusual  gifts for dad out there that he’ll likely appreciate. Below you’ll find a few ideas:

  • Personalised socks
  • Engraved golf accessories
  • Men’s jewelry
  • Cufflinks
  • A beard comb
  • A new wallet
  • A personalised cooking apron 
  • Some new tools 
  • A fun mug for work 

4. Get The Kids To Write Him A Letter Or A Story

Why not  get the kids to write their dad a letter, outlining all of the reasons he’s great? Maybe they could even write a story together, coming up with a funny plot – it doesn’t have to make sense. It’ll probably make him laugh! You could be the scribe and ask them what they want to say if they are too young to do it themselves. A letter or a story will likely be something he treasures forever (it’ll probably also be something he enjoys getting out when your kids are grown to embarrass them). 

5. Go On A Fun Family Adventure

Make father’s day a time to go out on a family adventure! You don’t have to travel for miles or spend too much money. You could explore somewhere new, or go den building in the woods. Maybe you could have fun zip wiring, or try out go karting. You could go swimming, or even for a beach day and BBQ. Let dad decide or plan his favorite day out for him as a surprise. You’ll all make awesome memories! 

Making father’s day extra special is a great way to make dad feel loved and have great fun as a family. Do you have any ideas for making father’s day special that you’d like to share? Leave a comment. Come back soon! 

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