7 Reasons Why Your Outdoor Water Feature Makes Your Lifestyle Fabulous

You already know that you want an outdoor water feature, but you may be looking for reasons to justify the (relatively moderate) expense. Need some info to persuade yourself before you take the plunge? Here are seven reasons why you should get that free-standing or wall fountain you have your eye on.

1. Cool off And Chill Out

While you probably won’t swim in any but the most ambitious of water features, the gentle sound of water splashing into a pool while you recline in the shade is awesome. On the hottest of days, you’ll love the sensation, but your water feature may also affect your microclimate.

It takes a surprisingly small amount of water to provide a cooling effect. If you’ve ever switched on a garden sprinkler on a warm afternoon just to cool the air, you’ll know the feeling. But even if you found the difference too small to notice, you will know the relaxing effect that the sound of cascading water has.

Close your eyes and enjoy. What could be easier?

2. Soften Street Noise

Certain sounds counter and damp noise, and they can be surprisingly restful. So-called “white noise generators” are even popular for creating a “quieter” place for babies to sleep.

The sound of falling water may not completely block out the sounds of passing cars, neighbors’ children at play, and barking dogs, but it will soften the interference, helping it to fade into the background where it belongs.

3. Get Outdoors More Often

When we’re relaxing, we choose (surprise, surprise) the most restful places to do that. If your garden isn’t hospitable enough to be tempting, a fountain could be just the thing to make you choose an outdoor lounger over your couch.

With summer well underway, a little fresh air can’t hurt you, and may even help with cooped-up feelings and the cabin fever symptoms your enforced Covid-related isolation brought about.

3. Attract Wildlife

If you live in the suburbs, you may think that attracting wildlife isn’t that important. But, when you see the birds congregating at your outdoor fountain to bathe and drink, you’ll feel a special thrill. Watching them at play will make you smile, but there’s more to it than just a feel-good experience.

Urban biodiversity is a buzzword, and for good reasons. With urban sprawl occupying much of what was previously wildlife habitat, making your garden friendly to insects, birds, reptiles, and even the vestiges of former mammalian animal populations can make a difference. You love it. They love it. For once, everybody is happy.

4. Make a Style Statement

Express yourself! Your taste in art and decor makes the art of living special. Put your stamp on your outdoor surroundings just as you did when you decorated your home’s interior. So, what’s your style? Do you love everything classical and antique? Perhaps, you like sculptural, modernistic lines more.

Whatever your preferences, your outdoor water feature allows you to express your personal style in a uniquely appealing way. Needless to say, it’s part of the pleasure of finding beauty in the suburbs – but you won’t have far to look!

5. Get in Touch With Your Roots

We should never forget our roots and indeed, we should celebrate them whenever we can. Arty fountains make a statement and will contain inspirations from the past. From Oriental beauties to nature-inspired waterfalls, your outdoor feature can form a link between the past and the present – or simply act as an indicator of your taste and preferences. Either is great. Both is better.

6. Broaden Your Gardening Hobby

If you love gardening, you’ll find joy in cultivating new plants that weren’t previously in your gardening palette. Even the smallest water feature allows you to introduce plants that like everything from humidity to wet feet.

Try keeping your orchid collection near a garden water feature; add a couple of aquatic plants to your gardening repertoire, or simply enjoy the challenge of creating an urban oasis in your own yard.

7. Enjoy Art With a Purpose

While cynics may say that art has no purpose whatsoever, your garden water feature will bring you and visitors, including birds, a great deal of pleasure. That, in itself, makes your water feature special. Add to that the wonderfully tranquil sound of moving water and you’ll be as happy with your eyes open or closed.

Do you love it? That’s sufficient to make it worthwhile. The rest of those benefits are just icing on the cake.

No, You Don’t Need Acres of Space

The wonderful thing about garden water features that a lot of people don’t know, is that they don’t need much space. Clever designs mean that outdoor wall fountains that hardly take any space at all can be as effective as their more space-intensive cousins. This isn’t new. From the Chinese to the Romans and beyond, wall water features have often formed a prominent feature in outdoor design.

From the classic to the ultra-modern, space-saving water features offer you a world of choice and the delight of a manmade cascade that turns your garden into a masterpiece. So, what are you waiting for?

Photo by H H from Pexels

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