7 Things To Do After Moving to Los Angeles

While it can be the City of Angels for someone, it’s a La La land for the other, Los Angeles, or as popularly called as LA, is so many things to different people.

It embraces diversity like no other place and welcome expats with open arms. Half of the population you come across here is Hispanic or Latino, and the ones of Asian heritage makes it the third-largest population-wise state. If you are moving from a smaller place, then LA is going to be a big-time surprise for you. The views and the city in itself is truly breath-taking, also known as the heart of film and television industry, LA is massive, guys!

However, moving from NYC to LA won’t be much of a difference as you will be coming from a place that never sleeps. Whatever lifestyle you wish to set or pursue, LA can quickly provide it to you. But, this does not mean that moving to LA is going to be a smooth ride. As you make your move to relocate, use the following seven points to know what you need to do right after moving to LA so that things if not easy, can at least become manageable for you. Let’s get started!

  1. Come with a plan:

LA, despite all the welcoming sunshine and palm trees, is one heck of a busy city. You cannot just come here thinking you’ll wing it as you move. If you don’t come here ready with a properly defined plan, you, we are afraid, then would feel left behind. People would already be competing for the same job opportunities as you, so it is better that you come with something already lined up or something else in mind.

  • Save Money:

You have to save those dollars! LA is a costly city to settle in, and a lot goes in rent. So ensure that you do not give in to your temptations and splurge. Make a move only when you know that you would be able to spend a bit of your time on ramen noodles and homemade sandwiches. Because you will need that to survive and thrive!

  • Update your address:

It is perhaps the most forgotten deed ever! Before you move out and move into your new abode, you must cancel all the deliverables, update your contacts in addition to setting up a forwarding address. This way, you make sure that you do not miss out on any important mails. 

Moreover, it is a wise idea to check before your landlord about the mail situation of your new dwelling in LA. Make it a point to know beforehand whether or not you can have the packages delivered on your front door. Additionally, check with the safety for the boxes sitting on the doorway or porch in the neighborhood. Most importantly, be sure to ask about how easy it is to have packages delivered there from other countries.

  • You’ll need a car:

Staying in LA without a car is like living without food and water. As we already brought it into your knowledge that LA is one huge city. It is just entirely made for the automotive navigation system to drive through the city. And, we do not mean at all that it does not come with public transportation. It indeed does and is quite decent enough, but in comparison to a big city like NYC, there is still a lot of room for improvement. If there is anything familiar with moving from NYC to LA, then it is the traffic. The traffic is insane! You got to keep your nerves in control when you take your car out, folks.
If you are someone who is already moving in here with your car, then take note to update your GPS at the earliest.

  • The DMV:

For those who are unaware, the first thing you may have to deal with is the department of motor vehicles, if you want to drive in Los Angeles. It may sound bizarre, but many people dread going to the DMV. But, it is one necessity that you cannot just ignore even if you want to drive without attracting any trouble. Set an appointment as early as possible as the queues there can be quite lengthy and too tiring.

  • Set up your new utilities:

It is a pretty necessary measure, yet gets forgotten. So, once you have moved, make sure to run quick, thorough research about what companies you would be needing to talk to have your electricity, gas, and water running in addition to the internet alongside TV if you happen to be a satellite or cable user.

Furthermore, see if you would need to contact the city’s department of waste to ensure trash pickup once you have relocated. Getting these things on track as soon as you have made your move will make your life easier and will also save you a great deal of money in the longer run. After all, who likes to live without a WiFiin this digital age? 

  • Plan a few trips:

Again, LA is one, large city; you cannot merely get a hold of it. It can be quite overwhelming for you to digest. Hence, be sure to plan a few trips in the very first week to explore and understand the city to its fullest. Speaking of this, we would suggest you schedule a few day trips to have enough time to move around the city and be back in time.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

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