Accessories That Every Woman Should Own

Women love to look beautiful. However, the definition and standards of beauty have changed considerably over the years. Fortunately, beauty is no more dictated by the color of your skin and the size of your waist. Thankfully, size zero, white skin and blonde hair are no longer considered the epitome of feminine beauty. That being said, the struggle of looking beautiful has remained constant. The only change is that the physical beauty standards have been replaced by how a woman carries herself and her taste in fashion and attire.

The way a woman carries her personality and the way she carries herself at the right time with the proper attire is a prime measure of her feminine grace. Speaking of fashion, it is also no more about the Versace gown, but way beyond it. Today, your dress is only a component of your whole fashion look, which is entirely driven by picking up the right accessories. The way you pair accessories [or not] with any dress can either accentuate the look of a rather average outfit or even ruin the look of an otherwise gorgeous gown. Sadly, even the most expensive dresses today have little standalone value, and they still look incomplete unless complemented with the right set of accessories.

A Tote Bag

Totes have been the in-thing for a while. However, this is not about those burlap totes that you carry while grocery shopping. Well-designed tote bags have been a hit on fashion runways, and there is one that would complement every attire and occasion. When picking up a tote for yourself, do remember to get something that goes with your personality and style statement. If you are a corporate executive, it will look awkward for you to carry a funky printed floral tote. Invest in at least one leather tote bag.

Ideally, a Coco Chanel or a Louis Vuitton and you are will thank yourself for life for this one investment. These bags are expensive but will last a lifetime, and you will discover how they will be the classiest accessory for 90% of your fashion looks. If an original Chanel is out of your budget, you can find similar good quality moderately priced alternatives at Aldo or Charles and Keith.

A Clutch

No matter how expensive and rather classy your leather bag is, it is more likely to look like an eyesore with that beautiful silk Alexander McQueen dress. You would not want your bag to steal the thunder of your gorgeous dress that you got after months of planning, research, and savings. Invest in a few small clutches that you can carry with your gowns and formal dresses while you are attending proms, weddings and other formal events.


Watches are by far the most critical piece of a woman’s accessory haul. Invest in a beautiful watch that goes with your personality and style and works for your lifestyle. Get a feminine Cartier if your style is towards the more ladylike feminine or browse through a collection of Tudor Watches for a more contemporary and empowered look.

Miscellaneous Jewelry

Even if you are not a hardcore jewelry fan, invest in a few necessary jewelry items for the finishing look. If you are a die-hard jewelry fan, hold on your temptation to overdo it because less is more. Nevertheless, your jewelry safe should have a few rings, a delicate neck string, a small pendant and a few different studs and earrings. Investing in a delicate bracelet would be a plus.

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