The Best Gadgets for Improving Your Home

The modern home nowadays is jam-packed with various smart gadgets and doodads. With all this technology in play, managing and maintaining a household has become a smoother, less stressful experience.

Smart home technology is relatively still new, but there’s already a wide selection of gadgets in the market. Let’s take a look at some of the best tech you can furnish your home right now.

Smart speaker systems

Whether it’s Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s HomeKit, or Google’s Home, the quintessential smart gadget for homeowners is a smart speaker system. These devices have a ton of nifty features and are constantly being updated by the manufacturers and third-party enthusiasts to learn more skills.

Mobile signal booster kits

Having smooth, reliable cell reception is almost a prerequisite in this digital age. Eliminate mobile dead spots and weak signal strength by investing in a signal booster kit. These gadgets amplify existing mobile signals and rebroadcast them to a targeted area. The weBoost cell phone signal booster series is a good place to start.

Mesh WiFi network systems

Removing WiFi dead spots should also be a priority for today’s smart home, especially when it’s decked out in various smart gadgets. Mesh networking is a relatively new thing, but it’s quickly gaining traction among homeowners because of its easy setup and exceptional performance. Consider getting a mesh router if your traditional router and extenders aren’t cutting it anymore.

Home security cameras

Nothing beats the comfort of having a safe and secure home. Protect your smart home with an equally smart surveillance system. If you’re already using a smart speaker system, be sure to find a surveillance network that has seamless integration with it.

Digital deadbolts

Modernize your home’s doors with the addition of digital deadbolts. These keyless locks are a great addition to an existing home security system. With digital deadbolts, you’ll never have to worry about losing keys again. Just don’t forget your passcodes. But in case you still have manual door locks at home, it’s never too late to learn how to pick them using the right tools.

Solar powered tech

You don’t have to power your entire home with solar energy, as this can be quite expensive to set up, or unsuitable for your location. You can settle for powering your outdoor lighting and other small doodads with solar energy instead.

Smart lighting systems

Smart lighting is still somewhat costly nowadays, but it’s gradually becoming cheaper as more and more manufacturers get into the gig. A popular choice is Philips’ Hue, which allows homeowners to program their house’s lighting to their needs and desires. Some smart lightbulbs can also be configured to change color, while the funkier ones even have speakers.

 Robot vacuums

Want your flooring and carpeting to be generally spotless, but don’t want to do manual labor to accomplish it? Enter the robot vacuum for all your general floor cleaning needs. These quirky robots are great for cleaning those hard to reach places like underneath furniture and around corners. There’s literally a ton of robot vacuum cleaners on Amazon right now, so they’re not that expensive anymore.

 Smart plugs

Smart plugs are a quick and inexpensive way to add a timer or scheduler function to any non-smart device. These plugs usually have smart hub integration as well as companion mobile apps for easy control.

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