Best Personalised Gifts for a More Meaningful Christmas

With Christmas less than a month away, the hunt for the perfect Christmas gifts for friends and family members is officially on! 

If you’ve decided to be more thoughtful with your Christmas gifting this year, planning personalized gifts for everyone is a surefire way to do it right. Personalized gifts contain elements that hold special meaning for each recipient. It could be as simple as a handcrafted notebook engraved with the initials of the recipient or a bracelet featuring a well-loved phrase or a line of a favorite song lyric. 

People love getting such one-of-a-kind gifts and you’ll be appreciated for the care and love you’ve put into it — it’s a win-win. 

To make it a little easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the best personalized gifts that you can get this year. Some of them are practical, others are more sentimental but one thing is for sure, they are all unique and meaningful. 

1. Printed Custom Tote Bags

Tote bags are as functional as they get. They are stylish, durable, reusable, and let you carry your world around with you. No wonder they are one of the most practical gifts you can give to someone. These bags can be taken to school or work, or you can use them while shopping or for storing your beach essentials.    

They are available in cute holiday-themed prints and there are a ton of custom options, right from size to colors to what text to feature, and so on.   

2. Personalised Notebook 

Personalized notebooks always make it to the list of best custom presents. And why not? Writing can be an immensely therapeutic practice. And, gifting someone a beautiful notebook where they can pour their hearts out is a lovely gesture. 

You can customize the number of pages you want, get the recipient’s name printed on the cover, pick the colors, and play around with fonts. You can even choose if a notebook should be lined or blank in case you wish to gift it to someone who loves to sketch.    

3. Custom Playing Cards 

The holidays are all about spending quality time with near and dear ones. Playing cards offer the perfect excuse for people to come together and have fun. You can make it even more special by personalizing these cards with memorable photos and meaningful texts. 

4. Custom Mugs

Custom coffee mugs have almost become a classic in the gifting world. And, for good reason. They are not one of those gifts that are left to collect dust. People always need and use coffee mugs. They come in a rainbow of colors and designs and can be personalized in thousand different ways. With a custom mug, you can convey any message on it. Be a heartfelt wish, an inside joke between you and your best friend, a silly photo with your cousins, or just the recipient’s nickname — it says exactly what you want it to say. 

5. Personalised Photo Gifts 

Running out of ideas? Enter custom photo gifts to your rescue! They are deceptively simple but you can never go wrong with them. After all, who wouldn’t love a visual reminder of special moments or good times of the past? And, Christmas, of all times, is an opportunity to reminiscent the “happy golden days of yore”. Whether in the form of a collage, adorned with a pretty frame, or as a photo crystal cube, photo gifts can be wonderful Christmas presents.     

There you have it — five ways to add a thoughtful touch to your holiday gifting this year. We hope you’ll find some inspiration from these ideas to get ready for Christmas with personalized gifts

: Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

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