Can I Sue if My Child Suffered Injuries in a Largo Car Accident?

When it comes to automobile accidents insurance in Florida, the coverage caters to the damages and injuries in the event of an accident. It is essential to consult an experienced Largo car accident lawyer if you or your child suffers injuries in a car accident in Largo. 

This is because such attorneys have the information to deal with all major insurance carriers. Besides, they have a proper understanding of the defense lawyers and experts in the Largo area.

Most car crash victims believe that no-fault laws in Florida prevent them from taking action even when they qualify to file a civil suit. Car accident lawyers in Largo handle different types of accidents regardless of whether the liable party is an individual or not. In this regard, it is important to consult them in case you are thinking of filing a suit.

You can sue for appropriate compensation if your child suffers severe injuries. The suits can be filed under certain conditions. Given that you must be covered by personal injury protection insurance to drive legally in Florida, you can file a claim after PIP benefits have been exhausted and if the accident has led to your child’s permanent injury. 

Several other factors determine the standing to sue, and a Largo car accident lawyer will inform you of whether you have a case and how much your case is worth based on the injuries involved.

After the accident, it is crucial to contact a Largo car accident lawyer as fast as possible. Once a medical expert has cleared you, you need to exchange insurance information and report the crash to your insurance.

After that, you can help with the case involving your child’s injury by undertaking the following considerations.

Allow for Emergency Inspection

After you are involved in an accident, it is essential to allow emergency respondents to inspect if you and your child are injured before you leave the vehicle. You need to call an emergency response if you are not sure whether the accident has been reported.

Collecting Information from the Scene

It is vital to collect extensive information from the place of the accident. You must obtain the other driver’s insurance information and the plate number. Also, you need to take photos of the site from different angles.

Contact Your Car Insurer

After inspecting the site of the accident, you need to contact your car insurance company. When speaking to your insurer, it is crucial not to admit fault even if you suspect you may be responsible for the accident. This is important because the other driver may also have violated the law.

Planning an Extensive Medical Examination

This is important for your child because not all injuries are evident at the time of the accident, especially those involving the spine, neck, and head.

Car accidents change lives drastically and fast. It is vital to have an experienced attorney who is aware of how to go about the laws in Florida. The lawyers help in advocating for compensation for pain, suffering, medical care, and long-term damage.

Injuries to you and your child and loss of bodily functions qualify as cause for legal action in case of an automobile accident. The compensation can be in the form of low future income, cost of repairs, and loss of value to real property.

Wrap Up

You can sue if your child suffered injuries in a car accident in the Largo area. The evaluation and determination of the grounds for filing a suit require the services of an experienced attorney in the city or one capable of navigating the no-fault laws in the state. 

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