Capsule Tableware for A Sparkling Christmas

As Christmas approaches it is time to get planning. From ordering the turkey to digging out the cards and gifts you bought in the sales last year (allow yourself a few moments of smugness for that level of organisation), there are countless things to consider. 

Many of us have traditional Christmas decorations that come out year on year, but sometimes it’s fun to change things up a little. With understandable reluctance to eschew the heritage Christmas decorations, the Christmas table is a great place to get creative and do something a little different for 2020. 

Your Christmas table is like your wardrobe; invest in capsule pieces that will stand the test of time and customise them to meet changing trends, seasons and tastes. Whatever theme you choose, candles and a good case are likely to be part of your capsule tableware collection, alongside white tablecloth and napkins. 

This elegant test tube vase is versatile and actual requires surprisingly few flowers  to get a stunning effect. A good quality church candle will stand the test of time and can be customised with flowers, foliage, ribbons and more to create the perfect look; if you are worried about the fire hazard, there are some stunning battery operated ones available. Assuming that you have these basics, here are three themes that are easy to achieve, and which will make your table sparkle. 

Rustic Chic 

This one is great, as you have the freedom to make your own accessories or you can buy from local markets or boutiques. Think hessian, berries, orange slices, pinecones and cinnamon. For this theme, simplicity is key: the closer to nature your decorations, the more effective they will be. 

  • Thinly slice oranges and leave them on your radiators or in the oven on the lowest setting to dry them out, before hanging them on a string with cinnamon and star anise: simple, stylish and packed with stunning Christmas scents. 
  • Tie a pinecone with a little red ribbon and add a handwritten name tag to create keepsake place names. 
  • Take a cut piece of wood, place it on a pretty plate surrounded by holly or other festive foliage, and place your church candle on top for simple yet effective lighting. 
  • For the vase, think natural, seasonal, flora; sprigs of holly and mistletoe, maybe a sprig or two of rosemary for remembrance if you are raising a glass to absent friends this Christmas, chrysanthemums, festive red blooms. 

Glistening White 

If you prefer something a little more classic than the rustic theme, then sparkling white could be the Christmas look for you. This is a simple yet elegant look that is a true Christmas classic. When it comes to silver and white, it’s all about the lighting; you don’t want your Christmas table to have the ambience of a hospital waiting room, but you also want enough light to make every bit of silver sparkle. Start with a foundation of white crockery, tablecloth and napkins. Then add as much sparkle as you dare! 

  • Silver table runner and chargers.
  • Take a white or silver plate or shallow tray and add a range of candles including your church candle and tealights in glass holders. Intersperse these with silver-sprayed pinecones for a cheap and effective centrepiece. 
  • Buy a length of silver fabric and cut it up to make runners and napkin holders.
  • Buy a pack of biodegradable silver snowflakes and scatter them over your table.
  • Opt for single stems of plain white flowers for classic elegance. 

The Accent Colour 

Adding an accent colour to your Christmas Table is a fantastic way of creating a unique Christmas theme without a lot of waste. Pick a colour, any colour, and run with it. This year’s big festive colours are rust and red; and we think that fewer things say “Christmas” more than that striking combination of berry red and lush green or sophisticated gold. The advantage to this theme is that anything goes; just pick your two colours and stick with them to create a table that exudes festive indulgence. 

  • Place a single sprig of holly (complete with a berry or two) on each napkin.
  • Use a bold table runner and mats in, for example, black, red or green, and add metallic chargers. 
  • Buy a length of red and gold ribbon and use it to make napkin holders or to tie around church candles. 
  • Use red flowers with gold accents (such as gold sprayed pinecones or willow). 

Whatever style you choose this Christmas, remember to take a little time out for you to relax, reflect on the past year, and enjoy!

Photo by Dzenina Lukac from Pexels

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