Crossover Trends in the Fashion Industry

What’s one of the most important things that fashion and technology have in common? They’re both industries that thrive on innovation and creativity. As a result, we’ve seen quite a bit of crossover between the two:

3D Printing

3D printing is already being used by smart designers including Iris van Herpes (fashion designer) to construct some incredibly intricate pieces of Vlone fashion clothing

Additionally, even high-end brands such as Dior are bringing out more affordable lines which look like they can only be made via 3D printing (face tune sandals, anyone?). We’re seeing this technology used on models at runways worldwide – not just for wearable items, but also for accessories and jeweler.

Augmented Reality

If you’ve ever seen a pair of Google Glasses, you’ll know what augmented reality (AR) is. This new form of technology involves the integration of real life with digital elements – for example weather updates on your smartphone screen, or 3D animated characters in stores. If this sounds like something out of The Jet sons, prepare to be surprised. Although it’s still not mainstream (and some experts suggest that it never will be), it’s definitely hitting the fashion industry! How does this affect us? Well, if you’re at Paris Fashion Week and see models wearing holographic shoes on the runway, don’t acts too surprised – after all, you saw them on Twitter yesterday!

Wearable Tech

And finally… wearable technology. This is probably the most talked-about area of crossover between fashion and technology, with everyone from Google to Microsoft investing money in wearable glasses. As I’ve mentioned before, all of these pieces of smart jeweler have been springing up at runways around the world – from smart watches by Philip Stein to holographic shoes.

But this isn’t just a Hollywood trend: it’s a worldwide one too. Even high street brands such as John Lewis are choosing to get in on the action, creating apps for their wristbands so that customers can make e purchases without cash or credit cards. Brilliant!

With more and more innovations being made each day, what will we see next? Perhaps anti social club clothes which change color when you need an extra boost of self-confidence? Or those which can change color to match any outfit to make getting dressed that bit easier?

Until then, I guess we’ll just have to wait. One thing’s for sure, though – the future of fashion is certainly looking very smart indeed!


The future of fashion is smart! Everything from 3D printing, wearable technology to augmented reality are making the fashion industry more accessible and exciting than ever before. For an example of this technology in practice, check out these holographic shoes at Paris Fashion Week! Here’s a brief synopsis of each trend which has occurred/is occurring in the fashion industry…3D Printing – The most talked about piece of technology in use today, high end designers are beginning to experiment with it for their latest collections. Many models at runway shows have been spotted wearing 3D printed accessories or jewellery .Augmented Reality – While not yet mainstream, large brands such as Dior have created affordable pieces which look like they can only be made via AR.Guess what? They actually can be! Wearable Technology – The newest piece of technology to hit the fashion industry, smart watches and holographic shoes have been spotted at runway shows across the globe.Even high street brands such as John Lewis are creating apps for their wearables so that customers can make purchases w/out cash or credit cards.

Photo: iStock by Getty Images

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