Everything You Need to Know About Showing Your Curves

Buying fashion pieces and accessories online is slightly different than buying books or gadgets. We are so used to visiting a brick-and-mortar retail store and giving different pieces a try before making our purchase decision that online fashion shopping becomes more challenging.

Despite the wealth of options, tons of catalogues and retailers to explore, and sites – like Woman Around Town – helping you find the best fashion pieces on the market, shopping for the right items can still be a challenge for curvy women.

There are some things you can do to find the best clothes and accessories that really accentuate your curves in a positive way. Being curvy doesn’t mean you cannot look gorgeous in the right outfits.

Know Your Numbers

Taking measurements of your body before doing any fashion shopping is important, especially when you have curves to show. By measuring your body, you also get a clearer picture of the overall shape of your body, which means you can pick the right styles and accents for a more flattering look.

A lot of top fashion labels and retailers such as Jovani actually offer detailed size guides and tutorials on how to measure your body. You can also follow step-by-step guides found on YouTube or other video sharing platforms if you want easier tutorials.

Plus Size Collections

You can find virtually every fashion piece you need in larger sizes. The industry understands the need for curvy women better than ever today, so it is not surprising to find unique collections and the best fashion items being made available in larger sizes.

There are collections designed specifically for plus size women. These collections are your friends, mainly because dresses and other items designed with curves in mind tend to look better when worn. Besides, you don’t have to check for the available sizes every time you run into an interesting item in the catalog.

Go for the Right Catalogs

Speaking of collections, it is also worth noting that there are brands whose specific collections suit curvy women; you cannot always find designer brands whose products you like entirely. The previously-mentioned Jovani, for instance, is famous for the gorgeous plus size formal dresses they make.

Browse through the long list of plus size formal dresses by Jovani and you will quickly notice the immense attention to details, the gorgeous lines, and the way those dresses are designed to make you look stunning for evening occasions.

Choosing the right catalog also grants you access to the right items. Keep in mind that not all fashion pieces are designed to accommodate curvy women from the start. Even when you can find the right size for you, the items you pick up don’t always match what you need.

Start with Needs

Speaking about finding fashion pieces that match your needs specifically, it is also important to learn how to communicate what you want, especially when shopping online. The better you can explain the kind of look you are going for, the easier it will be to find the right pieces for completing the look.

Technology is driving the fashion industry, but you still need to be able to explain the look you want to achieve before you can fully benefit from it. When doing a Google search, the right keywords will lead you to the best items on the market.

Go with the Themes

You have to remember that online (and offline) retailers don’t always carry a wide range of items. Some of them specialize in certain products such as dresses, men’s or women’s accessories, and many more. If you cannot find the item you need online, you need to find retailers whose theme matches the theme of your event.

Brands and retailers stick to a handful of themes for obvious reasons. The fewer products they have to maintain, the lower their overhead costs will be, and the better prices they get to offer on those products. That brings us to our next and last point, which is….

Look for Deals

There are quite a lot of special offers and deals ready to pamper you to the max, especially when you shop for the pieces you like online. Online stores, as mentioned before, have lower overhead costs, allowing them to offer better prices in general.

The additional discounts and bonuses make shopping for the latest clothes online that much more appealing. To find coupon codes and discounts, you can check the retailer’s website directly, join independent groups, or follow people who share information about these deals online.


Back to the right styles for curvy women, you want to pick up items that are not only timeless, but also accentuate the right parts of the body. Limit the use of color and you can further enhance the way others preview me.

Make sure you can mix and match the new fashion pieces with the ones that are already in your arsenal before jumping to a purchase decision. Keep these tips in mind and you won’t have to worry about the inconveniences of shopping when you have a curvy body.


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