How to Find the Perfect Bohemian Headband for this Summer

No one item of clothing captures the Bohemian spirit like a headband. Whether you’re a follower of the Bohemian lifestyle or just admire the style, a classically styled headband is a must-have item for your summer wardrobe.

While it might be more commonly associated with woman Bohemian headbands can be worn by men as well. In fact, you will often find styles that are designed for both masculine and feminine tastes. But the question remains how do you find the perfect Bohemian headband today?

While the Bohemian style is usually always popular around summer due to its looser fitting more comfortable design, it’s not always something you’ll see at your usual high-street clothing shops. At least not when it comes to headwear which is a bit more niche.

But no bohemian look is complete without a headband and thankfully we can help you find one. In fact, we’ll help you find more than one because you have quite a few different options to explore. So, without further ado let’s begin, shall we?


The handmade and vintage goods website can be a real treasure trove when it comes to Bohemian fashion! This includes some amazing Bohemian headbands that would be ideal for the sunny summer months.

The Bohemian style lends itself beautifully to handmade clothing and thanks to their relative simplicity you’ll find a great selection of handmade Bohemian headbands. There’s a great array of designs to choose from and there are headbands available to suit all budgets.  

Free People

Free People is a Bohemian fashion specialist! They have a great selection of women’s Bohemian fashion and that includes a glorious selection of headbands. You’ll find an amazing selection of styles from simple and bold traditional headbands to more ornate designs shaped more like headscarves.

Free People is a popular site for followers of the Bohemian style and they have a reputation for high-quality, so you can buy with confidence.

Boohoo Fashion

This online retailer is focused on the Boho-chic style, this is an off-shoot of the more traditional Bohemian style. So, while it’s not the traditional Bohemian look it’s very similar and fans of Bohemian fashion will usually like it.

Boohoo have a selection of both men’s and women’s clothing and that includes a range of stylish headbands. They might be a little more simplistic when compared to some more traditional Bohemian styles, but they still carry the Bohemian character and charm. So, they would make a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

Make Your Own

Sometimes no matter how much you look you might simply not be able to find those perfect Bohemian headbands, but don’t worry that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck! Because you can always make your own and it’s easier than you might think.

You’ll find plenty of guides on websites like Pinterest, YouTube, and even Bohemian fashion blogs. It might take a little practice but if you can’t find your perfect headband in the shops you can always make your own! These headbands can be worn with many products such as tops, boho dresses and light boho trousers.

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