First Time Having a Dental Implant? Prepare Like a Pro Using These Tips

The health and wellbeing of your teeth are as important as that of any other part of your body. When you visit a dentist for a consultation about some problems with your teeth, he may suggest a dental implant when it is impossible to salvage your teeth. It is a good alternative to being left with a missing tooth. No wonder that it is quite a popular procedure.

If you have opted for a dental implant, and it is your first time undergoing such a procedure, you might not know what to expect. If that is the case, do not fret. There are a few things that you need to know. They may help you prepare psychologically and physically for this important dental appointment. 

Expect a Thorough Evaluation before the Procedure

Sometimes, a dental implant may involve more than one surgical procedure. Thus, it may not all be done in a single day. For this reason, the dentist will first do a detailed examination of your teeth. This evaluation is designed to determine:

  • The number of procedures you may require
  • The health of your jawbone
  • The number of teeth that require replacement with implants

Therefore, you should be prepared to meet more than one dental specialist for these kinds of examinations. This is a good time to ask questions and talk about the concerns or conditions you are currently dealing with. You should also inquire about the medications that you will be required to take after the procedure during this evaluation.

Consider the Payment Options

If your dental implant requires several surgical procedures, it could mean that you will make several trips to dental specialists. This could also imply high costs. Thus, you must discuss the available payment options with your dentist beforehand. 

If you are visiting a dentist such as Dr. Matt Slaven in St. Louis, be sure to inquire about how much it costs to have a dental implant when you have dental insurance and when you do not one. Discuss other options like payment plans so that you are prepared for everything. 

What to Expect on the Big Day

Before the actual day of the appointment, you may be asked to fast, depending on the kind of sedation that will be used on you.  It is important to adhere to this and other instructions given by your doctor, including taking medications like antibiotics before the day of the procedure.

It is also necessary that you get adequate sleep the night before your appointment to make sure that your body is ready for the procedure and the recovery aftermath. Wear comfortable clothes during the day of the procedure. 

Another thing that would be a good idea to do before the procedure is to prepare soft foods like soups and pasta so that you will not be bothered about making food after getting dental implants. These will more friendly to your teeth because your mouth could get quite sensitive following the procedure. 

Most importantly, have someone accompany you to get the procedure. Once you are done, and you have recovered, establish how comfortable the implants feel and function. Enjoy the results and be ready to smile again. 

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