Five Tips for Supporting Your Teen Through High School

We all want the best for our child, and going through high school can be an extremely difficult time both educationally and socially. This is usually when teens are also going through other changes in their lives and therefore, as a parent, it is important to be able to support them while also letting them learn their own life lessons. If your teen is about to commence high school, here are five tips to support them through this time in their life.

Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences

Attending parent-teacher conferences not only keeps you informed of any changes in your child’s attitude or grade, it also shows your child you are interested in how they are doing. Sometimes teens may be struggling with work and are too afraid to tell their parents, so this is the perfect time to find out what is happening in your child’s life. 

Set Boundaries

Teenagers need boundaries in order to learn and grow. This includes setting time to do homework; ensuring they go to bed at a decent time on school nights rather than staying up and playing on their computer games; and providing them with a healthy lifestyle including breakfast. That being said, teens also need to have their own space, and boundaries should be set to allow them to make their own decisions too. 

Help with Organization Skills

Organization is needed in order to study well and make time for after school activities, homework and social life. Teenagers need to begin to develop these skills to enable them to do well in later life, including in their exam period. Daniel Wong has created a free guide on how to motivate your children to study hard so they can do the best for themselves and open up a world of career opportunities. This is a great start if you aren’t sure how to help your child to be organized and motivated in their school life.

Help with Studying

If your child is struggling with studying, it may be that they need help from either you or a tutor. Some children have difficulty with certain subjects and so a tutor may be beneficial outside of school if they aren’t getting enough support or opportunity in school. It is important as a parent to recognize when your child is struggling and respond appropriately, such as speaking to their class teacher. If you do need a tutor for your child, here is what you should look out for when choosing one

Support Them Socially

High school isn’t all about education; this is where your teen will make friends for life. Unfortunately, many teens go through difficult times in high school, including fall-outs with other teens, or bullying. Being there for your child and being aware of any signs that they may be being bullied ensures that you can support them as a parent. It can be very difficult as a parent when your child is going through a tough time at high school, but it is important to not put your own anxieties onto them. 

Following these tips will help you as a parent to support your teen through high school and onto the rest of their lives. 

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