Girl Boss: Giving Yourself the Freedom of a Flexible Future

In today’s digital environment, there’s no better time to take your skills, services, and products online so that you can reach a worldwide audience. This is why many are choosing to begin their job, side hustle, or career in an online environment so that they can ensure it will provide an income well into the future years ahead. Working primarily from a computer, or laptop also gives this generation of employees the flexibility to work from wherever they need to. They might need to work from home some of the days in the week, fit their job around other commitments like childcare, or work on a freelance basis due to their time and lifestyle. Nowadays, if you have the skills people need and a laptop, you can enjoy doing your hard work from the comfort of your sofa or favourite coffee shop.

Therefore, if you’ve started out in a digital field of any kind, or want to further your online prospects; it’s crucial that you explore your options. The competition can be fierce, make sure that you’re equipped to pitch to companies, work for yourself, and keep up with the pace. Whether you’re an illustrator, designer, writer, natural salesperson, or you’re great with numbers; now is the time to get to grips with the software you’ll need, and build your knowledge and portfolio. Things seem to be constantly evolving when it comes to careers, jobs, money-making schemes, and side-hustles. We are living in an internet age where there is an increasing number of opportunities to work for yourself and earn extra money; whether that’s to save, invest, or spend on what you need to get by.

Whatever your talent or passion is, if you’re able to make a living from it, or earn extra money to enhance your current income; it’s worth pursuing something you love, especially if it’s from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Or, perhaps it’s the case that you have wanderlust, and are ready to work remotely to fund your travel plans. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who want their job and future career to be flexible and are ready to embrace working from a computer or device, in an ever-evolving online age. There’s also some tips on creating the best environment to work within so that you’re as productive as possible each day.

Be Ready To Learn And Do Your Research

Whatever field you’ve headed into; it’s always worth being one step ahead when it comes to software and programs. Therefore, it’s worth ensuring that you invest enough time and effort into training, learning, and honing your skills where you need to. If you’re working for yourself on a freelance basis; potential employers will tend to choose someone with more attributes when it comes to their skills and knowledge. Check out places like to see where and how you can enrol in computer skills training classes. You’ll not only be able to develop what you can do with your laptop from home; you’ll be studying with those in a similar position to you, which could be a great chance to network, which is a must for any freelancer. You also need to make sure that you’re using the likes of cleanmymac X to ensure your work is protected while operating from home

It’s worth looking into telecommuting core principles and the core elements of working from your computer, tablet or laptop. There are so many businesses out there, that will allow you to earn your money from home, or where ever you set-up your office. Whether you’re into sales, promotion, creation, or a mixture of several things; there’s a company out there looking for your unique skills. More businesses are understanding the need for flexible working hours, and appreciate those who want to work outside of a traditional office environment and 9-5 hours. Therefore, it’s time for you to spend some serious time learning and researching to find your place online.

Be Prepared To Be Kept On Your Toes

It might be tempting just to keep going with whatever role you’ve found within a company, especially if it means you can work remotely, from wherever you are at the time. However, freelance work tends to have a time limit, so it’s important to be mindful of this at all times. If your contract could be potentially cut short at any point; it’s vital that you’ve created a contingency fund, and plan for yourself. Saving regularly is a great place to start so that you know you’ll have enough to live on while you secure a new role. It’s also worth keeping your eyes peeled for potential long-term opportunities every now and again.

You never know what may crop up, and you’ll be glad you took a little extra time out of your day to scope out the digital job market. Freelancing isn’t for everyone, so make sure that you’re ready to roll with any changes that may pop up. Perhaps you’d be more suited to a permanent or semi-permanent role with a company. This will still give you plenty of freedom and flexibility; however, you’ll have the security of a regular income, and you’ll be give a good amount of notice should they no longer require your services. It’s about discovering what circumstances and situation suits you best; take into account your commitments, responsibilities, needs, and security, and you’ll be able to develop a career that molds to your ideal way of working.

Creating A Productive Environment

It’s all very well having great interior design skills and creating a beautiful space; however, your priority needs to be the office equipment, accessories, and your means of earning your income as a freelancer. It’s worth checking out companies who can help to ensure you have a steady stream of work, whether that’s in-house or from home, and can deal with the legal and logistical side of things. You’ll also need to write a list of all the actions and activities that will be carried out in the space, and write down each item you’ll need to do so.

You don’t need a whole set of new stationery; there will be a plethora of notebooks, diaries, paper, pens, and pencils in your home that you can make the most of. Therefore, it’s time to do a scavenger hunt a collate everything that could be transferred to your new office environment. The more organized your office is, the easier it will be to think and carry out the job at hand.

Spending (And Saving) Wisely

When it comes to your office furniture, you’ll want to ensure that you’re comfortable, and have enough space to feel like you have a clean and clear mind to think and work productively. Therefore, the desk, or surface space you choose, should be as sizeable as possible, without making you feel cramped in the room or area you’ve chosen. As a freelancer, your office chair is important as it needs to be somewhere you can remain comfortable, and won’t do any harm to your back or posture. Therefore, it’s worth investing in an ergonomic design and discovering the best places online to find affordable and discounted options.

It’s worth having a sturdy set of shelves alongside your desk storage so that you can have your books, files, printer, and decorative items in sight, and with easy access. You can paint second-hand shelving to match your desk so that the space ties together and is aesthetically pleasing. Make sure that you don’t overcrowd your office with too much furniture and storage; you need to remember that you’ll want the space to feel as open and fresh as possible, for a productive and efficient working environment.

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