Green Fever Top 10 Stylish Accessories in Everyone’s Favorite Color

The time spent inside due to the global pandemic undoubtedly influenced the fashion world. As the restrictions begin to lift, and people are trying to get back to the way things were before, the fashion industry turns back to those earthy tones. 

Staying inside made everyone miss and fall in love with nature once again, and the color that reminds everyone of it the best? Green. 
From lime green to dark and mythical emerald shades, the green is as versatile as mesmerizing. So, let’s dive into the accessory world full of greens. You will indeed find the best addition fitting your lifestyle.

Zara Belted Wide Leg Pants

High waist pants are still in fashion, in with the striking green color, they will put that extra pop to your style. Cold and rainy days will surely look better with these pants, have your own boss-woman feeling when going on with your day! Pair it with a matching crop top, pop on a black jacket, and discover the love of nature colors.

Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette Bag in Grass Color

Bring that pop of color to your style with the Bottega Veneta. The falls favorite in their new arrivals will become your best friend and companion when you go for an errand run or when you decide to meet your friends for a cup of coffee. The soft, padded look will catch the eye of every fashion lover and will make you stand out with that mesmerizing green touch. If this is too pricey, do not worry, any green bag will add that perfect touch to your style.

Burga Emerald Pool Tough Phone Case

The Burga Emerald Pool case combines those mystical and magical emerald qualities with the always tending marble pattern. Their tough version will always provide maximum protection for your phone. Bring the magical world where you can find glowing emerald waters with yourself. Your phone is always in your hands, so it deserves a fashionable and protective phone case. Keep your phone safe in the dual-layer protection. No more sacrificing beauty for protection. 

Become green in more than one way. With the recycled wool west, you will find your way in the green color wonderland and contribute to the environmental movement. Recycled has never looked this great and green.

Reusable Food Huggers

It is time to add the gorgeous food huggers to your kitchen. Forget the one-time-use plastic wraps, and keep your produce protected and fresh with the reusable huggers. They are nature friendly and so fashionable too! All those green shades are here for you! Let’s not limit the accessories to clothes. Your house also deserves a touch of green, and especially your fridge.

Green Face Masks

We are re-entering the world and learning to live in the pandemic, and masks are still the accessories that we can not forget when leaving our house, so it is the perfect way to add those earthy tones by choosing a green face mask. Stay safe and stay in fashion at the same time. It is the most effortless and convenient way to make your everyday companion fit the new fashion trends with minimum styling.

Green Head Scarves

Incorporate green color into your wardrobe with ease. Dior and Versace love headscarves this year, and you can quickly become a fashion icon without spending a ton. Simply choose green! This fall is all about those headscarves and bandanas, and by selecting green ones, you will kill two birds with one stone, and no birds will be harmed here.

Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes

Add some green with booths, heels, or sneakers. You will easily find a way to find the best greens that will fit your style. Add that green to your path through those fallen leaves and bring a touch of summer with yourself every step of the way – literally! Shoes are best friends, and green shoes are even better friends. The world of shoes is endless, just like nature itself is.

Guess Silver-tone Pavé & Python Animal-print Drop Hoop Earrings

Live that emerald dream with those perfectly classical but also wild earrings. Add that touch of edge and elegance to your style. You will indeed look drop-dead gorgeous. One statement piece will add that fashionable green while also making your look complete.

ASOS DESIGN Tall Bias-Cut Ruffle Shirt Mini Dress

With all that flair, beauty, and color, we can guarantee you will feel and look cute and charming in this perfectly green dress. Asos is size-inclusive, so you will easily find this dress for yourself. Get ready for those wide-open mouths. You will become a real star with this dress.

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