Hacks to Organize Your Kitchen

An organized kitchen makes the process of cooking much easier and quicker. If all the spices are in proper containers that are placed at an accessible location, it becomes very convenient to flavor your dishes. Having all your utensils in specific locations ensures that you won’t have to spend a lot of time looking for them before you begin cooking.  

If you try to organize your kitchen but somehow always end up with cluttered drawers, misplaced spoons, and spilled spices, just keep reading to find out some amazing organization hacks. 

Drawer Dividers

While working in the kitchen, you might get irritated by the cluttered drawers. Drawers can become messy if you have the habit of quickly throwing utensils in them. The solution to this problem is to utilize the drawer space efficiently by placing drawer dividers. Place spoons in one divider, forks in another. The same goes for other utensils. Having a designated section for each kind of utensil will make finding them much easier. 

Pull Out Cutting Board

While normally placing the cutting board on the counter does the job, making a DIY in-drawer cutting board will make your life much easier. It frees up some counter space that can be utilized in some other way like putting a dish drying rack etc. Along with this, you can easily put the peels and food scraps into the bin from the hole in the in-drawer cutting board. 

Labeled Mason Jars

When it comes to maintaining a kitchen, the organization of spices and other dried eatables like pasta, oatmeal, etc is extremely important because these things are used the most frequently. 

Instead of using plastic containers, you should use mason glass jars for storing purposes because they are eco-friendly, easier to clean, and preserve food better. Roetell has a wide variety of mason jars available, you can visit them online and find the ones you think will suit your kitchen best. Labeling the jars will help you find what you need quickly. 

Hanging Wire Baskets

Fresh produce is much more difficult to organize than spices and utensils because there are just so many fruits and vegetables and all of them need to be in easily accessible locations. Most people just put the fruits in a bowl on the counter. But that strategy cannot be used for all the vegetables and fruits. You can use hanging wire baskets to store food items like garlic, onions, apples, oranges, etc. 

You can hang such baskets in any corner of your kitchen. They’ll save your storage space and the best part is that you can add as many baskets as you need.

Pullout Trash Bin

Keeping a trash bin in the kitchen is definitely a necessity but nobody wants to display a bin, no matter how clean it may look. This pull out trash bin will be a savior for you as it will safely contain all the garbage while being discreet.

It is also good for space-saving because it does not occupy separate space on the floor, rather just folds into the table. Dustbins like this will make your kitchen look very neat and fancy. You can even have two or more such bins if you are into recycling and like to sort your trash. 

Hanging Mugs

If you’re running short of ideas and storage space for your glorious mugs, don’t worry. Here’s a hack for it. Instead of storing them inside the cabinets, you can show them off in a stylish way.

In order to do this, you only need some hanging cup hooks. Hang colorful yet stylish mugs on those hooks. The beautifully hanged mugs will add a pop of color and a little decor to your kitchen. They will also be very easy to reach as your tea or coffee boils on the stove. No more rummaging through the cabinets to find your favorite mug!


Organizing the kitchen is not only important for saving space but it also speeds up the process of cooking the delicious meals which you can enjoy during quality time with your family. 

 An unorganized kitchen can become downright messy if not attended to for a long time. 

You may spill things as you try to hastily look for other things, causing chaos. Remember, food prepared in a chaotic environment will never taste as good as the one prepared with peace. So take some time to organize your kitchen. Following the aforementioned hacks will make your life easy because cleaning an organized kitchen is way easier than cleaning an unorganized kitchen. 

Image by monicore from Pixabay 

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