Happiest Job Options That Will Bring You Pleasure

Getting pleasure from work is a skill that a person acquires throughout life. Why are there so few people who are truly satisfied with their work?

Almost none of us have been taught to pay attention to our comfort in the workplace — work quality, speed, and results matter, not our feelings.

But in fact, you need to find a perfect place and do what you love — learn to monetize your hobby.

In this article, we won’t talk about how to learn to enjoy work. We’ll show you some of the happiest job opportunities that will make you rethink your life and maybe start a new chapter in your story.

Tattoo Artist

These are sometimes daring but creative people who are full of energy and, to some extent, are symbols of freedom. A tattoo artist can make a person happy and embody the craziest ideas of tattoo art. Tattoos help to solve some problems. Sometimes aesthetic (hide age spots, skin defects, etc.), but most often — psychological.

Think about it, perhaps you loved to draw in childhood or already have several tattoos. Perhaps, this is what you would like to do and what could truly bring you a lot of pleasure. You would breathe life into the most daring sketches, communicate and work with models and, most importantly, earn money on it. What’s more, you can find vacancies for tattoo artist job almost in every country.

Personal Trainer

Do you love sports and are constantly on the move? If you are a frequenter of sports clubs and have achieved certain results, you can become a fitness instructor, yoga or aerobics coach, or choose another fitness direction.

Keep in mind that high incomes depend on the number of clients, and they won’t appear right away. People usually take a long time to choose a trainer for fitness or yoga classes.

Experienced trainers recommend starting with fitness clubs where you can build a client base. The main income of the trainer consists of individual sessions. Moreover, you can record video lessons and upload them on the web. People will do some exercises at home, and you will receive money for that.

Culinary Art

If you have always loved cooking and treating your loved ones with delicious dishes, it’s likely you need to monetize your passion. It doesn’t matter whether you like to cook main dishes or are a virtuoso of various sweets and cakes. All these can bring you not only joy but also a decent income.

For example, you don’t even have to complete a cooking course. If you know how to bake various cookies, cakes, and cupcakes, you can also do it for sale and supply different events — from children’s birthdays to weddings. This is an extremely profitable business. Who knows, you might even open your bakery in the future.

In addition, your own blog or YouTube channel will also help you monetize your hobby and help you get pleasure and users’ love. 


This profession combines completely different areas, whether it’s the decoration of a building, a website, a car, or clothes. The design includes dozens of directions and has two goals — creative and technical. The first is the generation and visualization of ideas; the second is the use of special technologies.

You can choose any niche – web design, interior design, game design, etc. To be successful, you will have to work hard and complete several courses. But if you love this field, these are just small obstacles on the way to your dream.


In fact, there are a huge number of options for work that can bring joy and make you happy. And do you know what the main secret is? For each person, this work is different. That is, someone loves to work with people and can have a lot of fun in the position of a consultant, while someone is well versed in vehicles and can earn good money in a service station. It all depends on you, on your talents and preferences.

We wish you good luck, and find your happiest job!

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash