How to Choose the Best Jeans for Your Body

In order to get a pair of jeans that really fits you well and makes you look great, too, you need to understand your body type and what jean styles will fit your body type best. Some jeans are cut to flatter girls with wide hips, for example, while others are cut to flatter girls with slim hips. Some styles will comfortably fit curvier bodies, while others will be more comfortable on slim, athletic bodies. Here’s what you need to know to choose the best jeans for your body.

Determine Your Body Type

Before you can find the perfect pair of jeans for your body, you need to understand your body type. Female body types present a way to understand your body’s shape, so you can choose clothing that will best flatter your body.

There are five basic female body types: rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, and round. They may also be referred to as banana, pear, strawberry, hourglass, and apple. Rectangle bodies have few curves – the hips, waist, and shoulders are all about the same size. Triangle or pear bodies are widest at the hips, with generous thighs and hips, shoulders that are smaller than the hips, a small torso, and small- to medium-sized breasts. Inverted triangle or strawberry bodies are widest at the shoulders, with medium- to large-sized breasts and slip hips and thighs. Hourglass bodies are narrowest at the waist, with shoulders, bust, and hips about the same size, and a waist that’s at least ten inches smaller than the hips and bust. Round or apple bodies are slim in the arms and legs, with a large bust and a tendency to carry extra weight around the abdomen. 

Grab the Right Style of Jeans

Once you’ve decided what your body type is, you’re equipped to shop for the best jean styles for your figure. A good pair of jeans will fit well and be comfortable and flattering. 

There are several styles of jeans that you can choose from, including boyfriend, straight leg, skinny, flared, and bootcut. If you have the slim hips of a rectangle, inverted triangle, or rounded physique, boyfriend jeans for women may be one of the most comfortable and flattering styles for you. Boyfriend jeans can also be more comfortable for women with larger hips, such as those with triangle and hourglass bodies. 

Straight leg jeans for women are the best type for rounded, hourglass, and rectangle bodies. Straight leg jeans offer a slim fit but aren’t skin tight like jeggings or skinny jeans. They’re great for a casual look and should be flattering for both slim and generous hips.

Skinny jeans may be sartorially divisive, but they’re a good look for just about any body type. Skinny jeans are the slimmest available fit of jeans. They hug your curves, and are a good choice for showing off toned legs. Dark wash skinny jeans have a slimming effect and can flatter hourglass or triangle bodies. Light wash skinny jeans can flatter the slim hips of inverted triangle, apple, and rectangle bodies. If you’re on the petite side, ankle skinnies will make you look taller.

Bootcut and flare leg jeans both have a flare at the bottom of the leg, although the bootcut flare is much less pronounced – just enough that you can pull the jeans down over the top of your boots. But the flare helps balance a curvy figure, so this style is best for hourglass and triangle shapes. Flare and bootcut jeans are flattering for tall girls, and will make your long legs look longer.

Get the Best Rise

Jeans typically come in high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise. High-rise jeans come up to above the belly button, and they’re a good choice for girls with slim, toned bellies. High-rise jeans can also provide extra support to lift the posterior. Hourglass and rectangle figures on the slim side can wear high-rise jeans to accentuate their curves, but you should avoid high-rise jeans if you have a big belly. Mid-rise jeans come up to just below the belly button and provide comfortable support for most body types. Low-rise jeans sit on the hips, and are best for slim rectangles and inverted triangles, as well as slim-hipped rounded bodies.

It’s not always easy to find a pair of jeans that fits and looks good, but understanding your body type can help. Choose a style of jeans that flatters your body type, so you can focus on feeling comfortable and looking your best.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash