How You Can Start Aging More Gracefully

As much as we’d like to retain our youthful glow forever, the hands of time keep turning. Smile lines become permanent, and we can start showing signs of a life well-lived. We can wear these lines and wrinkles with pride, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to appear younger and fresher for that all-important self-esteem boost. When you’ve started exploring ways to start aging more gracefully, you might like to explore these options first: 

A Deep Plane Facelift

If you type ‘Dr. Jay Calvert facelifts’ into a search engine, you can learn more about a cosmetic procedure called a deep plane facelift being offered by a highly regarded cosmetic surgeon. A deep plane facelift is a procedure to add definition around facial features like the jawline, cheekbones, and neck.

This procedure can also often be effective for giving skin more elasticity and rectifying saggy jowls and sunken cheeks. Many people who undergo deep plane facelifts notice a fresher and more youthful look that improves the overall appearance of their face. While cosmetic surgery isn’t for everyone, it can be an option worth exploring when you’re no longer happy in your own skin. 

Eating a Healthy Diet

There’s more to eating nutritious foods than maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a woman. Food with plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants can be crucial for skin health and maintaining your vitality. A number of food types have been proven helpful for moisturizing skin, less inflammation, and general skin health.

For example, red and yellow bell peppers are among the best vitamin C sources. Our bodies need vitamin C to create collagen for healthy, firm, and strong skin. Studies have also shown that bell peppers are skin-photoprotective, meaning they may protect against skin damage caused by UV rays. You may also be at a reduced risk of inflammatory and autoimmune conditions by including omega-3 fats from sources like fish. 

Taking Care Of Your Skin

Cosmetic surgeons can work wonders on skin imperfections. Still, you can make meaningful changes to your skin routine to keep it looking fresh and youthful for longer. Use high-quality moisturizer every day for health and hydration. If you’re heading outdoors, apply sunscreen even when it’s cloudy. You might even go one step further by applying vitamin C-containing serums suited to your skin type.


It can sometimes feel like there’s never enough time in the day for exercise, but every little bit helps. You may enjoy better weight control, a lower risk of heart disease, stronger bones and muscles, and better energy levels, balance, and mental health. 

However, those aren’t the only potential benefits associated with exercise. While the effects of exercise on aging skin aren’t well studied, one study showed that aerobic exercise regulated skin aging. If you know you’ll struggle with motivation, allocate time for exercise every day. You might even be more motivated to stick with an exercise regime by attending a class with a friend.

Everyone deserves to look as good as they feel as they get older. However, if you don’t believe you’re aging as gracefully as you would like, it might be time to explore some of these self-care options above.

Photo by Michael Mims on Unsplash