Is Interning Abroad Better than Studying Abroad?

Both studying abroad and interning abroad can have many benefits. There is nothing more exciting and enlightening than discovering a new country. You will not only develop academically, but you will also open your mind to a different way of life. It’s as much about personal growth as it is career growth. There is also no better way to learn a language than to immerse yourself into a foreign location. With that being said, however, there are some benefits that can only be experienced with internships abroad.

Benefits an overseas internship provides that studying overseas doesn’t:

  •       Real-life work experience – A lot of people leave university or college and they struggle to adapt to working life. This is because studying only provides them with theory and very little working experience. With an internship, you will be in a real working environment, and so you will learn exactly what it takes to make it in your chosen career. Plus, you can still do an accredited online MBA program at the same time, ensuring you don’t miss out on the qualifications you need.
  •       Lack of focus on coursework, essays, and exams – This leads onto the next point perfectly; an internship is not centred on exams, essays, and coursework, as studying is. When you study abroad, you are getting the same sort of learning experience as you would at your home college or university. Instead, an overseas internship gives you the platform to get hands-on experience.
  •       Potential future employers will take you more seriously – Nothing looks more impressive than stepping out of your comfort zone. Moving and working in a new country shows your employer that you are motivated and willing to do whatever it takes to make it.
  •       Long-term job contacts and references – You have probably already heard the saying ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know.’ Expanding your contact book is imperative, and interning overseas gives you the ability to network with people who could progress your career in the future. One of these people could end up giving you your golden opportunity in the future.
  •       A chance to network with professionals in another part of the world – Networking is one thing, but networking with professionals across the globe is even more impressive. A worldwide contact book is guaranteed to impress any potential future employers. Moreover, who knows where your career could end up taking you? You will already have ties in a different country, which will open more doors.
  •       Less financial burden – Studying abroad can be expensive, with everything from tuition fees to textbooks to pay for. The same cannot be said for an internship abroad combined with an online degree. The only thing you have to pay for is your accommodation and living expenses, as well as the fees charged by intern recruitment experts.

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