Living Single: Freeing Habits Every Single Woman Needs to Adopt

“Old maid” and “spinster” have been terms used to describe single women, especially if you’re older in age and have never been married. The question about these terms is why do they have a negative connotation behind it? Why does being single have to be so tragic and to some, a life not worth living?

What people fail to realize about being single is that just because women are single, that doesn’t mean that they’re alone, or even lonely, for that matter. For so long, being single is looked at as being a sad period in one’s life, especially for women. But if a man is single, his singledom is celebrated as a right of passage, in a sense.

So why can’t a woman’s singleness be celebrated as a right of passage to independence and self-self discovery? It’s time for the negative connotations to end for single women, especially being that it’s 2020 now. People don’t even stop to think about why women are even single in the first place.

Some women are at the top of their careers and don’t have the necessary time to dedicate to a relationship. Some women are single simply because they enjoy being by themselves. Neither of those reasons are due to nobody “wanting” them, which is not only the negative connotation in the US but it’s a similar negative connotation in China as well. When you’re a single woman in China, you’re referred to as “sheng nu,” which translates to “leftover women.”

So whether you’re an old maid, spinster, or leftover woman, embrace your singleness and know that it’s okay to be single… being single is one of the most freeing feelings in the world, actually. You have the freedom to do whatever you want without anyone telling you otherwise… Who says you need a man or woman to have fun? You can have fun all by yourself!

Take a look at some of the most freeing habits every single woman needs to adopt.

*Fair warning… these are random acts of fun that you can do in public and when no one is around… you can do whatever you want to do, remember?*

Go on a Solo Vacation

Nothing says single like going on a trip by yourself. If you’ve never done this before, this is an absolute must! The great thing about solo trips is that they can be whatever you want it to be because you’re on your own time!

With your solo trips, you have the option for them to be quick getaways where you stay in a decent hotel for a weekend or it can be a real getaway where you leave the country and stay in an exclusive resort! It’s recommended that you do both at least once while you’re single but whenever you decide to go on your solo vacation, make sure you’re doing everything you want to do.

Take Guitar Lessons

Who says you can’t teach an “old maid” new tricks? No one, and that’s why you should take full advantage of your singledom with guitar lessons from experienced instructors. Not that you couldn’t take guitar lessons if you weren’t single but being single is a good reason to do so. Who knows, you might find yourself mixing and mingling in a crowd of fellow guitar players and find your soulmate! But you’ll never know unless you take guitar lessons.

Buy Yourself Something Really Expensive

This might sound a little bit selfish to some people but it’s really not. Sometimes you have to ask yourself why you go to work every day… surely it’s not JUST to pay bills… Why work so hard every day if you can’t enjoy it? That reason, alone, is all the more reason to buy yourself something nice.

Back in the Prohibition Era, when single women wanted to buy themselves something nice, they would buy themselves a right-hand ring. It’s on the same finger as an engagement ring would go on but it’s on the right hand. Women started to feel as though they were “less than” because they didn’t have a nice engagement ring on their finger. So as a way to express pride in themselves, women would buy themselves a nice right-hand ring to celebrate an accomplishment and express pride in being single, since they weren’t married.

You don’t necessarily have to buy yourself a piece of jewelry but according to Dr. Nikki Starr, self-love is the foundation of all relationships and if you ever do want to have a romantic relationship with someone in your future, you must first love yourself and there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a nice gift as an expression of self-love.

Dance Around in Your Underclothes

Have you ever gotten off of work, came home, and just danced around in your underclothes? You’re probably wondering why would you do that in the first place? Well, because you can. Remember, we’re talking about “freeing” experiences…

There’s nothing better than turning on your favorite tunes and dancing around your living room in your favorite undies and a tank top. The thing about this is that it doesn’t even have to be you dancing around…  in your living room… you could be cooking or cleaning up! The point is that you have the freedom to come home and freely walk around in your underclothes without anyone telling you to put your clothes on or judge your behavior… you’re at home, so why not?

Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay 

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