Parking Lot Accidents are Common-Are You Eligible for Compensation?

Parking the car is not such a difficult task. Everyone who has a car does it daily. There are specific common problems when parking; depending on what it is, the seriousness of the matter will result. However, it is essential to know about parking lot accidents to know how to act before this scenario. 

When parking by ear

Parking by ear (hitting the cars in front and behind while positioning in the stall) is an erroneous and reckless practice. Even if the damage from the blows is slight, it means a problem. Mainly for those who do not have their car insured. If you are one of those who park this way, correct the action. In most of these cases, the insurance company comes out victorious. The injured decide to avoid problems, so they choose to pay the damages themselves instead of claiming. 

Run over in parking lots

Parking lot accidents that result in a hit-and-run accident should be treated the same as a general hit-and-run accident in traffic. In this case, it is necessary to determine how the event occurred and who was responsible for it. This type of incident usually occurs when parking is in reverse. The most sensible thing is to make a friendly declaration of the accident to put the pieces together and reconstruct the event. 

There are cases in which the pedestrian may have acted without precaution and therefore be responsible for the accident. If there is a run-over, the incident becomes a road accident. If you are responsible, you may have to pay compensation to the driver for the damages caused.

Leaving the car park

Accidents when leaving the car park are prevalent, whether the driver hits another car or vice versa. It is common for these cases to end up in court since it is difficult to determine who is responsible. In the events where it is not clear who is to blame for the accident, the responsibility falls on the driver who initiated the exit maneuver—as in other aspects, having witnesses in events of this type is supportive.

Compensation for parking accidents

The truth is that the parking lot accident law in Canada is complex. Therefore, compensation for parking lot accidents is often complicated. The best option is to call the parking lot accident attorney near you. The honorable court passes a verdict depending on several aspects. If you do not have someone to defend your side, you may end up in jail.

The person responsible for the accident must bear the medical expenses for treatment. It is up to them to compensate the victim for the days he will not be able to carry out his daily and work activities due to recovery. The compensation amount is the same as in an ordinary traffic accident, depending on the injuries of those involved, the material damage, temporary or permanent disability, etc.

In the end

Regardless of whether you are the victim or accused, we recommend hiring the best car accident lawyer. With legal assistance, you will know how to handle the situation correctly. They are instrumental in unfinished cases where the responsibility of each person involved cannot be determined.

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