How to Pick the Best Courier for Your Product Sending Needs

When you’re getting your products out there, it’s vital that they arrive both in good time and in good condition. A failure in either part puts a big dent in your reliability as a company, so it’s important that when it comes to shipping goods you get it right every single time. As a courier company, your word is your bond.

However, the question remains: how do you pick the best courier for sending your products?

Local Drop Off Points

The best couriers are the ones who meet your needs, not the other way around. You don’t want the courier company arbitrarily dictating what you can and can’t do as a business. Consequently, you need to find the courier that will work with you first and foremost.

As a business, you need easy and convenient drop off locations. Parcel2Go provides a flexible range of services for product delivery, including local drop off points. A good courier is also adaptable. For example, the customer should be able to designate their own preferred secure location for a package if they’re unable to sign for it themselves.

Delivery Dates

It used to be that couriers would determine when your package was arriving. Convenient or not, the time and date could not be changed. Now, many couriers allow you to change the package delivery time with a click of the button. This provides greater flexibility to you or your clients, and also helps with customer relations. Customers getting exactly what they want exactly when they want it will do great things for your business, so locking in the right courier will help you earn some more reliability points.

Superior Tracking

Of course, even after striking up a budding business relationship or finding what you suspect is a good courier company, it doesn’t quite end there. It’s only natural to want to double, triple and maybe even quadruple check that you made the right decision. Thanks to updated tech, it’s now possible to do so.

GPS tracking and a one-hour time slot for delivery provide a series of safeguards that are reassuring to customers. After all, one missed or late delivery sent to a customer could make the difference between a satisfied customer or not. Consequently, accurate tracking and flexible delivery time slots will keep your business up and running. And customers returning.

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