Portable Cold Compression Machines: Your Go-To Solution for Quick Recovery 

Professional as well as recreational athletes always run the risk of sore muscles or injuries. Whether it happens in training or in competition, soreness and injuries can slow an athlete down, cause frustration, and possibly even cause them to miss a competition. One of the best methods for treating injuries and suffering is cold therapy.

Here are some further details about cold therapy and the reasons why a portable cold compression machine can be the ideal choice.

What Is Cold Therapy?

The process of treating pain, edema, and inflammation by utilizing the advantages of extremely low temperatures—sometimes in the form of ice—is referred to as cold treatment, or cryotherapy. The application of cold therapy can lower skin temperature, nerve activity, edema, and pain sensitivity.

How Is Cold Therapy Put to Use?

Athletes suffering from sprains, shin splints, or any other injury causing inflammation and tissue damage should consider cold therapy. As long as there is discomfort, edema, or inflammation, use cold therapy two or three times a day for up to an hour.

If an athlete has a nerve injury, any kind of vascular condition, or is extremely sensitive to cold, they should not apply ice right before engaging in physical exercise. Furthermore, extended application of cold therapy might result in frostbite, thus caution must be exercised while utilizing ice or other cryotherapy techniques.

Keep in mind that cold therapy works best if it is combined with compression, elevation, and rest. In some cases, cold therapy should be paired with heat therapy for a complete treatment. 

A Portable Cold Compression Machine: What Is It?

While applying an ice pack to the affected area might be a useful method of cryotherapy, some athletes choose to use more advanced techniques to speed up their recovery and return to their regular activities. This is the use case for a transportable cold compression device like the Game Ready Ice Machine.

This type of machine uses active pneumatic air compression along with adjustable cold therapies to boost the body’s natural healing abilities and recover quickly from an injury or surgery. The combination of active compression and cold therapies has been proven to accelerate healing and reduce recovery time. 

Why Is A Portable Cold Compression Machine Better Than An Ice Pack?

Portable cold compression machines like the Game Ready Ice Machine have been endorsed by physical therapists and physicians who provide treatment to professional athletes because of its evidence-based effectiveness. It’s comfortable and safe to use, easy to operate, and significantly enhances the body’s natural repair mechanisms so that recovery is quick and less painful. 

The Game Ready Ice Machine: Your Go-To for Cold Therapy 

Athletes who want to bounce back from a surgery or injury and return to the court, field, ice, or just the gym as soon as possible should look into a portable cold compression machine. The cutting-edge technology involved elevates this machine over standard cold therapy and helps athletes quickly get back into the game. 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio at Pexels