Real World Marketing: Organizing Your First Trade Show Pitch

The digital arena has established itself as the main focus of modern marketing, even for offline companies. However, this cannot be an excuse to ignore the benefits of traditional marketing opportunities. Trade show events belong at the very top table. 

Organizing your first trade show event is a daunting prospect. Nonetheless, the potential rewards could transform your business forever. Here are five simple steps that’ll lead you to greatness. 

#1. Choose The Right Trade Show 

Finding the right location for your trade show event is an essential first step to success. There are many contributing factors to consider. They range from foot traffic and time of year to geographic location and the price of hiring a pitch. Industry-specific expos can be very useful when launching a new product or service. A more generic trade show may be better when reaching retail buyers and direct consumers from various backgrounds. There is no single right option, but you must do your research. 

#2. Know Your Audience 

One of the big questions you need to ask revolves around who the products are aimed at. Marketing to B2B clients requires a different approach to targeting consumers directly. On a similar note, people from different demographics respond to varying ideas. Financial status, age, gender, personal tastes, and a range of other contributing actors can guide your approach. So, building an ideal consumer profile and tailoring your content to suit their needs is an essential feature of your preparation. 

#3. Invest In The Right Equipment & Materials 

Your trade show team will face a lot of work during the morning of the event and throughout the opening hours. Therefore, it’s vital that you have the necessary tools and materials to stand out from the crowd. A display stand that incorporates a screen can help you with demos and talks while enabling you to field questions etc. Leaflets, pamphlets, sample stock, and overhead signage are equally crucial. When working at a busy trade show, a sound amplification system is another significant feature. 

#4. Stand Out From The Crowd 

The trade show environment is a hectic one. Still, you can’t simply expect guests to pick your stand over others, even if you have a good pitch location. While the fundamentals of a winning blueprint can put you on the right track, you mustn’t be afraid to do something different. Moving the goalposts with fresh ideas can completely transform your business. It brings more people to your pitch and generates more conversions. Conversely, copying the success stories of the past without a unique flavor will see you get lost in the crowd. 

#5. Be Prepared For Success 

The trade show event isn’t a vanity project. Its function is to help lift your business to new heights. If that’s the goal, you must ensure that you’re ready to handle the rewards that come your way. Using a payment app to complete orders and transactions on-site is an ideal starting point. Meanwhile, you must have stock orders ready while people back at the office can handle backend issues. It might also be necessary to invest in website changes or temporarily remove stock to reflect the sales you’ve gained. Don’t be taken by surprise. 

A winning trade show can truly transform the face of your brand. Now you know how to make it happen, go do it! 

Image by purplegillian from Pixabay 

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