Retail Therapy (treat yourself – it’s what fashion was made for!)

Nobody ever wore anything unflattering out of choice. Work uniforms and last-minute outfits when you receive a late invite can sometimes force your hand. But in general, when we are left to our own devices, and where we shop for our clothes in the light of day and not at 3 AM on our phone screens when we can’t sleep, the result is pretty good. 

Lingerie for the soul 

Nothing cheers people up more than lingerie. The sight of it on the rack, the sight of it in the box when you get it home, the sight of it when worn – it’s all enough to make you want to buy more and more and more (check out Natori’s line of designer lingerie for ideas).

The idea of lingerie has been among us for longer than lingerie has actually existed. The ancient Egyptians used to dress in fishing nets when they wanted the same effect (their clothing was pretty skimpy, to begin with – so fishing nets were the only thing left that could reveal even more!). 

The point is that human nature throughout history has demanded a little walk on the daring side when it comes to showing a little skin and looking our best. So why fight it. Get involved and treat yourself to the pinnacle of retail therapy in clothing. 

Oversized hoodie

From one extreme to the next, we’re now going 100% comfort and 100% me-time. Oversized hoodies are a treat for your body. No matter how you sit or stand, the hug keeps wrapping around you and you always feel uplifted. 

Whether you’re looking for something for the sofa when sitting alone or with your partner, or whether you actually plan to take your comfy clothing on a visit with you to your friends’ houses, you will never regret your choice to invest in an oversized hoodie. 

A word to the wise, however. As tempting as it is to fall asleep in your oversized hoodie (and sometimes you just can’t help it!), you will wake up a few hours later baking hot and in a sweat. Probably best to buy one with a zipper for an easy escape when you start to swelter!

Outrageously colourful footwear 

When we were kids, footwear wasn’t worth having unless seven different colours made up the laces, let alone the number of colours needed in the actual shoe to make them acceptable. But then we grow up, things change, we learn that less is more, and everyone walks around all day in charmless flat black shoes with maybe a small bow or tassel on them that your gran would be proud of. BORING.

Invest in a pair of colourful comfy shoes that take you back to what it means to get excited about walking around outside. Many sites now offer ‘build your own shoe’ options – why not spend a little you-time creating a shoe that puts your childhood back on your feet and a big extra happy smile on your face. You know you want to. Oh, and you might need ideas for homemade shoe racks

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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