Setting Yourself Up For Success With a Productive Lockdown

Being locked away is never fun, but with the current pandemic it’s something that all of us have to do, and be responsible for the sake of others. But this doesnt have to be time that’s wasted. Looking for productive ways to spend lockdown/ quarantine? Here are a few great ways to spend your time, allowing you to build up a venture that can earn you money later down the line. 

Start a blog

Blogging is a fantastic way to earn money. There are very few startup costs meaning it’s low risk, and providing you enjoy writing and whatever topic you’re talking about it’s enjoyable too. However, it’s not a get rich quick scheme, it can take a long time to build up a blog to the point that sponsors and advertisers want to pay to work with you. While you have time on your hands, why not get started now? You can open an account and the related social media accounts to go with it. You can find a nice template on Etsy and get it installed, and you can work on your first lot of blog posts ready to publish. From there you can post anywhere between once and seven times a week depending on your preference, but the more good quality content you can get up, the better. Spend time networking with other bloggers, promoting yourself in a good way (not just spamming links) and coming up with ideas for blog posts that fit the niche you’ve decided your blog will sit in. 

Start a Youtube channel

If you’re more of a talker than a writer, why not start a Youtube channel instead? Ideally you’ll have a good quality camera to do this but you could always start out by using your phone and seeing if you like it. You could do sit down videos talking about a topic you’re knowledgeable about, or you could do ‘follow me around/ day in the life’ type vlogs which are really popular at the moment. People love getting a glimpse into the lives of others, and even while you’re locked down at home you could share what you’re up to. From crafts with the kids to your beauty and skincare regime to baking and cooking recipes and much more. 

Set up a home business

Having a second source of income can be incredibly useful, especially in today’s uncertain times. A home business is something you might have considered setting up numerous times but always discovered you didn’t have the time to get round to it. So why not start now? Even if you can’t get yourself completely up and running, you have time to figure out your plan and ideas, get a website put together and sort the vpn hosting from a site like You could contact suppliers ready to make an order once things in the world are back up and running again. Freelancers and many companies are still working online , so there’s a lot you can do to get started even if you can’t open your digital doors or start selling until later on. Get all of the groundwork done now so that when you can begin you can get up and running right away and all of the difficult stuff has already been done. 

Look into tutoring

Tutoring is a fantastic way to earn money from a skill that you have. And online tutoring is more popular than ever before, even before the pandemic started. This is because you’re able to have clients from all over the world, and with today’s excellent video technology it makes it simple. Whether you’re a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a music teacher, a cook or anything else, chances are there are people online who are in need of your knowledge and happy to pay for you to teach them. Set up as an online tutor and start advertising for clients, right now while most of the world is locked down people are looking for things to do and ways to improve themselves so it’s a great time to get started with something like this. Once you have regular clients it’s something you could easily work around a job or other commitments once everything goes back to normal. 

Start freelancing

Freelancing is a flexible way to earn money, if you sign up to a website you can start looking through jobs you’d like to complete. The more jobs you do, the better your reputation will become meaning getting future projects will be easier. Spend this time taking on some projects and doing them to the best of your ability, build up your positive feedback. Then when you go back to work and normal life, you can pick this back up again whenever you like and do the projects that interest you. 

Start a new hobby

Hobbies are great for people of all ages, they help to build your skills and keep you productive. They stop you from getting bored which is important, especially in the current situation when none of us know how long this pandemic will last. Not only could you find something to occupy yourself but you could make money from it to, for example if you learn to bake you could start a home baking business later down the line. If you learn the basics of graphic design and find you have a skill for it then you could design banners and logos online for businesses. If you get into the garden, you could grow crops to sell or to make into products like jams, jellies and chutneys to sell at farmers markets. Have a think about what interests you, since there are still many deliveries taking place (for now at least) you can order the materials you need to your home, and teach yourself using online tutorials. 

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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