Spot the Police Before They Spot You – Escort Live Radar App

An encounter with the police while having a peaceful drive on the road is usually all it takes to have your day ruined. Getting a ticket makes things worse. But there are ways you can avoid these demoralizing situations, and your smartphone might have some of the answers. 

Without a doubt, radar detectors can do you lots of favor when it comes to avoiding speeding tickets. To enhance their ability to keep you out of trouble, you can have an app like Escort Live Radar paired with this device. This app can help you know about speed trap sightings even before your radar makes you aware of them. 

This information includes the distance to the said threats; and where they are located. Obviously, in some cases, the police will be long gone by the time you get there, but it’s good to have the heads up since in most cases the traps will turn out to be real. 

So handy is this driving app that it is worth shopping for a radar detector based on how compatible the gadget is to the app. These radar detectors include PASSPORT and PASSPORT Max2 as well as Smartcord Live. 

Any of these options is the best radar detector on the market if your intention is to use the Escort Live Radar app in the best possible way. With these radar detector, Escort Live connects seamlessly. 

The app can even upload the current speed limit to your radar detector. On the other hand, the radar detector can send information to the app; and this information can be used to notify other drivers of any threats within the area when driving along the same route. 

And when in an area where lots of users are using the app, you can get live updates about current threats. This way, you can more accurately avoid the police traps along the road you are using. 

In addition to its database of places where you are likely to run into police traps, the app also contains plenty of useful crowd-sourced information to help you learn about any sightings along the route you are taking. 

Other information you will get when using this app include the location of speed cameras and red light cameras. Your radar detector does not give you this important information. The app also makes it easy to mark threats when they are observed. With this information you can be warned the next time you are cruising along the same route, and other users will benefit as well. 

Being a freemium app, you have to pay a subscription fee in order to enjoy all its features. However, the basic features available to those who have not paid anything are also quite good. Access to all the app’s features requires $49 a year. A monthly subscription plan worth $4.99 a month is also available. 

The only gripes with this app is that its speed limit data seems to be a work in progress. Some speeding information is missing, and in some cases inaccurate. There are even instances where the speed limit information might be there one day and missing the next and vice versa.

However, all things considered, Escort Live Radar app is a pretty useful app, especially in consideration of the fact that it is a third party app. If you are an avid radar detector fan, then getting a gadget that goes well with this app can do you a lot of good. 

All in all, Escort Live Radar is an amazing app. With or without the app’s community to provide live alerts on where police speeding traps await you, there is still much to be gained from pairing this app with your radar detector. The information it provides should considerably enhance the preparedness your radar detector can give you. 

The Escort Live Radar app is available to both Android and iOS users. And having been around for quite a while, this app has grown to have a large community. This makes it more suited to its role of helping drivers identify police traps. The app has even gone international, which is why today it also supports Russian and Spanish. 

The app has also won several awards, and it is worth downloading, even when you don’t intend to pay the premium price for the full-featured app. The half a decade it has been in existence has certainly made it popular and more suited to its role. So, if you are looking to enhance the effectiveness of your radar detector in spotting the police before they spot you so that you can avoid getting into trouble, Escort Live Radar is an app you can use.

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