Staying Physically Active on a Busy Schedule

Life is busy when you’re a working professional, but at some stage, you need to find time for physical activity. Don’t stress; you’re in the right place. Here we can tell you about a wide range of ways you can integrate fitness into a busy schedule, helping you feel better and perform better. 

Anytime Yoga 

It’s amazing how much your body appreciates small amounts of exercise. The reality is that you don’t have to book a yoga class or spend hours in the gym to get the benefits of active life; all you need is ten minutes every now and again. That’s why anytime yoga is such a great idea. 

Anytime yoga is yoga stretches and routines that you can carry out anytime and anywhere. Are you waiting in a queue for coffee or sitting on the sofa watching a show on Netflix? These are perfect opportunities to practice a few yoga stretches that benefit your body all day and night.  

Everyday Activity 

Sometimes it can feel impossible to find that extra hour in your day for some exercise; you end up stressing about how you can’t get your exercise time in and burn some calories. The solution might be simpler than you think; a simple change of attitude can create more space in your life. 

If you have household chores to take care of, this can be an excellent opportunity to burn some extra calories. Nowadays, there are apps you can download that tell you how many calories you are burning during particular activities. Using one of these, you can train in your everyday life. 

Micro Exercising

Again, you don’t have to spend one full hour in the gym to get the benefits of exercise; in fact, it’s more about how you exercise rather than how much time you exercise. Studies show that short bursts of exercise that raise the heart rate burns more calories and support weight loss. 

This is great news for people with busy lives; it means that you only have to create ten minutes of time in your life once or twice a day to fit exercise into your everyday life. Not only do you trim up your physical body, but you also light up your brain and discover more energy for your day.  

Smart Choices 

If you don’t have enough time for exercise in your life, you need to get creative with your lifestyle and make smart choices. The reality is that there are plenty of opportunities for exercise throughout the day; the trick is to find them and take advantage. So what are smart choices?

Are you going to take the car to work, hop on public transport, or walk? A smart choice for the benefit of your well-being would be to walk or cycle. Additionally, you might want to walk to the grocery store instead of shopping online. It’s also smarter to take the stairs and not the elevator. 

Standing Desks 

Nowadays, most people are working at home for all or part of the day. Most people have a home office of some kind with a desk where they can concentrate on their work or attend video meetings. If you want more physical activity in your life, then consider a standing desk at home. 

A standing desk is specially designed to facilitate a computer or laptop – just like any other desk – the difference is that standing desks have a mechanism that allows them to rise up so you can stand while working in your home office. This burns calories and builds strength in the legs.  

Short Walks 

Walking burns as many calories as running; according to some studies, that’s because you only need to raise the heart rate to burn calories at a steady pace. Most people walk to some extent during the day, and these distances can be increased with smart choices in your daily lifestyle. 

Adjust your everyday life to include more walking time and take breaks from your work to walk around the local area; you can even take work calls at the same time if you’re especially busy. To support your walking activity, invest in a smartwatch or a walking app to keep you on track.  

Short Swims 

Of course, not everyone has time during their day of the week to go swimming in a local pool, but swimming is a very effective form of exercise. Swimming takes all the pressure off your joints and raises the heart rate, just like walking or running. It also supports mental well-being. 

Find a swimming pool in your local area and try to attend at least once a week for a short swim. When you notice the benefits of swimming, you might start to attend more often. If you are impressed with the benefits of swimming, take your kids along to Aqua-Tots Swim Schools

Fitness Apps 

Fitness apps are an excellent alternative to the gym. Not only do they help you to integrate more fitness into your daily routine, but they also save you a lot of money every month that you can re-invest in your life or save for a rainy day. Many fitness apps are also free services on phones. 

If you only have a fifteen-minute break from your work, why not use ten of those minutes to burn some extra calories and build strength in your muscles and joints? Not only will you feel fitter after a short exercise, but you will also have more energy and inspiration returning to your work.  

Morning Yoga 

Morning yoga is the best way to start the day. It’s such a good way to start the day that it’s worth getting out of bed early. If you don’t have much time to spare in your life, get up half an hour early and perform some yoga asanas that wake up your brain and set you up for the day ahead.  

Sports Clubs 

If you are struggling to find time in your life for physical activity, one solution is to join a sports club. Whatever sport you play or want to try, a sports club offers plenty of options for training and fitness friends to keep you motivated and help you to stick to your fitness commitments. 

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