Stronger Follicles Today

Show any woman over 40 a picture of herself in her teens and she will say three things. First, what was I wearing. Second, look how thin I was back then. Third (and this is the one that they feel the most), look at how full of life my hair looked! Fashion changes. All fashion is awful, eventually. What you were wearing in your teens was the height of looking glam and no-one questioned it at the time, so you can forgive yourself for looking like you were dressed like that for a dare. Similarly, life is full of too many restaurants and bottles of wine to stay teen-thin into your 40s. Sure, it’s possible, and your local gym will take a slice of your monthly paycheck in exchange for letting you try, and good luck to you if you decide to have a go. But the hair? That’s something that shouldn’t fade. That’s something that feels unfair. All that shampooing and conditioning apparently didn’t help as much as you thought. But impenetrably thick hair that conceals the scalp all the way to the edge of your hairline was never a given. You may need a little expert help. 

A serum that claws back the years

If you are reading this thinking that you have had the exact experience of looking back at photographs from more than 20 years ago only to realise that you have gone through a more or less acceptable aging process except for your hair, you are not alone. What you need is a hair & scalp serum that will start working for you today. Always do your best to avoid products that claim quick fixes based on the effectiveness of harsh chemicals that try to force life into your hair. Products that nourish the scalp and follicles with a gentle daily application of essential oils and vitamins will benefit your hair in the long run. 

Time to face the chop

Hair follicles are super inventions. They work all of our lives to give us the hair we want and if they were only given a little help in return, we all might be running a morning comb through a hairstyle that’s thick and luscious and far closer to our expectations. That’s why much of your thinning hair may be better off on the hair stylist’s floor – a shorter hairstyle will help you to show off your newer thicker hair. 

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

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