Styling High Fashion for Every Day

Runway high fashion is impractical for everyday life. Designers look to create a feeling in the audience watching the show, rather than putting forth infinitely wearable fashion. But it can be fun to play with the looks designers create.

The trouble is learning how to translate those into daily life. Fortunately, fashion is a creative outlet that is all about making you feel like a million bucks. There are many ways you can make the various looks your own, making you feel as though you are walking the runway in your everyday life.

Look for Ready-to-Wear

The images that typically circulate from fashion week are haute couture pieces. Couture pieces are usually intricately sewn with extra embellishments you see on a red carpet, but you would never see on the subway. They are often impractical for the average person’s lifestyle.

Ready-to-wear collections are what you see in store window displays. Many couture designers also offer ready-to-wear collections that are influenced by their couture collections. The colors, shapes, and feel of the garments are usually the same as those created by the couture line. If you are looking to build a high fashion wardrobe for everyday life, ready-to-wear pieces inspired by your favorite couture collections can be an excellent place to start.

Incorporate Interesting Elements

You don’t have to copy an entire look straight from a magazine spread to have a high fashion feel in your wardrobe. Instead, pick out some specific elements to pair with base pieces. Choosing more neutral pieces, like straight-leg pants or jeans, means you can add more high fashion elements.

Add a more stylish top with a neutral pant, or choose a neutral top with a high fashion skirt or pants. You can add extra interest to your wardrobe and still focus on the pieces you like most. You can also focus on adding accessories to your look.

Invest in Sunglasses

When it comes to high fashion accessories, sunglasses are one of the best options. A high-quality pair of stylish sunglasses can add flare to your outfit without it being overpowering. They are also a good designer piece without breaking the bank.

Prada sunglasses are the perfect place to start if you are looking to jump into the world of designer sunglasses. There are many styles to choose from to express your fashion sense while also keeping your eyes protected. Designer sunglasses are a great, practical accessory that is worth the investment.

Find Inspiration Around You

When looking for high fashion looks to incorporate into your daily life, there are a lot of places you can find inspiration. There are the places you probably think of first, like fashion weeks, fashion magazines, and fashion bloggers. All of those provide the pictures that will hook you on the look, and the magazines and blogs can sometimes give you ideas for incorporating the looks.

However, you can also draw inspiration from social media like Instagram or from your shopping trips. Look at the street fashion in your city and try out a new trend. Even online retailers can provide a source of inspiration as you are looking for new pieces to add.

Make it Your Own

You have to find what works well for you, not just what seems to be in style. Every trend is meant to be adaptable, so examine what you like about it when drawn to a particular trend. It could be the colors or the shapes or the structure (or lack thereof) of the clothes that inspire you most. Examine what defines your style so that you can incorporate elements that complement it.

You should also determine what looks good on you. Find pieces that are flattering to your shape and skin tone. Look for colors that compliment your eyes. While you express your personality through the clothes you put on, you can also flatter your figure in the process.

Have Fun

At its core, fashion should be fun. When defining your look and wardrobe, remember to make it an enjoyable experience. Experiment with different styles and trends or choose colors you wouldn’t normally pick. Find a few pieces that can be the foundation you know will look good, and then mix in exciting elements to make your next fashion statement.

Photo by THE 5TH from Pexels

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