Summer Beauty: Tips for Looking Your Best This Summer

For most people, the summer months mean vacations, beach days, and bikinis, but for many this also means sunburn, breakouts, acne, and overall discomfort. In order to have the most enjoyable summer, it’s important to have a great skin care routine to make sure you are always feeling your best, summery self. By following these simple self-care tips, you will eliminate any summertime discomfort you may otherwise experience.

Always wear sunscreen.

Sunscreen is the most important product to use during the summer, regardless of your skin type. Not only does sun damage cause immediate irritation, but the damage caused by UV rays can cause suffering in the future as well. While certain amounts of sun exposure can be good for your skin, excessive sun exposure will cause your skin to age faster by creating wrinkles. If you know you’re going to be outside for long periods of time during a summer day, it’s important to consistently apply and reapply sunscreen that contains a high SPF while you’re outdoors, especially if you already have sensitive skin.

Other products such as lip balm and makeup can also include SPF, so it’s a good idea to purchase these products for the summer months to achieve full coverage from the UV rays. Including sun protection into your summer skin care routine can go a long way and will work wonders for your skin. However, since sunburn is unfortunately inevitable at some point, it’s important to have aloe vera and shea butter ready, as they help decrease the inflammation, discomfort, and redness caused by sunburn.

Wash your face regularly.

It’s important to remember that your summer skin is often the most sensitive skin you’ll experience all year, as the warmer months can result in acne, oily skin, wrinkles, redness, rashes, and dryness. In order to prevent any of these from happening to you, it’s important to have a thorough skin care routine, which should include cleansers, exfoliants, and masks. Adding a regular facial cleanse with the proper scrub is one of the best things to add to your skin care routine. You also need to remember to follow up your cleanse with a moisturizer, as maintaining the moisture in your skin will help keep it looking healthy and prevent wrinkles. MIRA BEAUTY is the place to go to find the best skin care products for summer, as they have products for all skin types, ranging from oily skin to dry skin and more. You’ll be sure to find your next favorite skin care products for the summer months at MIRA BEAUTY.

Dress for the warm weather.

Having a summer wardrobe will help ensure that you remain comfortable and stylish during the summertime. Wearing lightweight clothes during the summer will help prevent you from becoming sweaty and experiencing avoidable breakouts and rashes. Adding minimizer bras to your wardrobe will help you eliminate any sweaty areas that you will typically experience from a regular full coverage bra, which makes a world of a difference during the summertime. These bras allow you to be confident and comfortable in any summertime attire, no matter how thin or flowy the outfit may be. Soma offers a wide variety of minimizer bras that will help make your summer comfy and stylish, so be sure to head over and check out their selection!

Take care of your hair.

Excessive sun exposure and chemicals from swimming in a pool can have harsh impacts on your hair by drying it out or creating excess oil. It’s important to incorporate some of the best hair products into your summer skin care routine as well so that you can keep your hair looking strong and healthy. Incorporating a hair mask into your routine will help give your hair a necessary hydration boost after being exposed to the sun all day. Additionally, since the summertime typically means high levels of humidity, you can be sure to keep your hair tame by using a little hair spray before going out.

Never forget deodorant.

As a result of the warm weather, you’re likely to become quite sweaty and uncomfortable during the summertime. A lack of deodorant will result in body odor and excessive sweat, which will result in a rather uncomfortable day. While it should already be a part of your skin care routine, applying deodorant regularly can help prevent some of the discomfort that you may experience in warmer temperatures.

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

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