The Importance of Hat Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts Women Need to Remember While Wearing Hats 

A few generations ago, the hat was so popular that women used to consider it an essential part of their daily lives. Back in the 1930s, you would never find a woman without a hat. Women back in the day used to collect hats so that they can choose the perfect one as per their dress and the occasion. Nowadays, even though women still wear hats, their functionality has changed. Modern hats are viewed as fashion accessories that can boost fashion statements as well as protect the wearer from UV rays. But one thing that hasn’t changed even in all these years is the hat etiquette. There are multiple rules associated with hats and you need to obey them, no matter the circumstances. 

Here are the dos and don’ts you need to remember while styling with women’s hats. Continue reading this article to know more. 

Do: Wear Suitable and Fashionable Hats Regularly 

The list of fashionable hats available in the market includes boater hats, cowboy hats, berets, fedora hats, etc. These hats are capable of pulling off a simple everyday look that will always cherish. The different shapes, colors, and styles will help you get dressed accordingly. Visit if you need fashionable hats. Additionally, the different textures and patterns will also make you look more attractive. But keep in mind that most of the fashionable hats are designed to wear indoors, except for the cowboy hats, which need to be used for outdoor purposes. Whether you’re visiting a restaurant or mall, you can wear these hats with ease. But don’t wear these hats at concerts where the brim can block someone’s viewpoint. It’s also rude to wear hats in a movie theatre or restaurant. Therefore, make sure you remove your hat. 

Do: Wear Functional Hats Properly 

Unlike fashionable hats, the primary objective of functional hats is to protect the skin, eyes, face, and neck of the wearer from harmful UV rays. As per FDA, UV rays cause sunburn and skin cancer. If you’re concerned about prolonged sun exposure, it’s best to choose high-quality and durable functional hats. Apart from the UV rays, these hats will also protect you from dirt and dust. Depending on the hat you choose and the climate condition of the area, there are some specific hat etiquettes you should follow. For instance, if you’re attending a concert where a large crowd is present, it’s advisable to remove your wide-brimmed fedora hat at the brim can bump other people on their heads. You also need to remove the wide-brimmed hat if it’s snowing in your area so that the snow doesn’t fall off on another person. 

Don’t: Wear Hats on Irrelevant Occasions 

Don’t wear functional or fashionable hats at church services, funerals, and other sporting events. However, some specific churches allow women to wear hats. But in general, it’s best if you remove them or else you would appear rude. Weddings are a good occasion to wear hats, but you need to make sure you’re wearing the relevant one. 


These are the dos and don’ts women should remember while wearing hats. Do you have any other questions? Feel free to let us know. 

Photo by Fausto García-Menéndez on Unsplash

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