Tips on Adding Some Personality to Your Home

A home can be far more than a place to rest, eat and sleep. A home can be somewhere that lifts you up, that inspires you, that really makes you feel alive. If you are prepared to think outside the box and really express your creativity, you can transform your home from something bland and ordinary into something truly wonderful from the depths of you. The home can be seen as an extension of yourself, as a canvas in which to surround yourself with things that bring out an aspect of your mind. If you are an artist, then there are so many ways you can use your home and garden to demonstrate this part of your personality. If you do not use the home as a part of you, then who’s opinions and ideas are you surrounded by? This can make you feel like an imposter in your own life. This is not conducive to a positive sense of well-being. It is also a manifestation of the denial you are in. Alternatively, it is a sign that you neglect yourself and don’t nurture the being that you are. A home that reflects you and makes you really feel at home is a way of improving your mental health, reducing stress and anxiety, and having a space that always inspires you. So, let’s find out how you can add a bit of personality to your home:

Add Colour

Beige is boring; beige is in itself a blank canvas begging to be drawn upon. So, get to it. Colour is one of the easiest methods to add personality to any space. Colour can add energy where there was none. Colour used in the rig wan can add spirit and vibrancy. It can completely change the mood of a room. In fact, colour is well known for its ability to affect mood. Businesses choose certain colours to promote productivity, for example. So you need to decide what mood you are after in each room and choose a colour to match. If you want a room that is calming, somewhere to relax and destress, then you need to choose a calm colour like light green. Perhaps you can even add an image to the wall or have an entire mural painted on that helps you create this feel. Emebener colour does not need to be confined to the house itself. If you have a garden or even a small patio space with walls surrounding it in the city, painting these walls green could create a garden space feel. A mural on these walls could make it look as if you are in the middle of a forest while in the city. Get creative and design something that you find inspirational. 

Use Artwork and Ornaments 

To get some artwork and ornaments that look a little quirky and different and really connect with you, then you are going to have to do a lot of looking. Avoid the stereotypical places to buy these things and shop at thrift stores, and hunt the community of buy and sell sites. Look for unusual things and something historical that makes you feel connected to your roots. Sometimes a piece will fill you with a positive emotion that you are unable to put words to; that is the piece that you should buy. Look for unusual paintings, canvases, ornaments, and sculptures. Remember that the garden is a great place for these things too. If you do have an artistic streak, then why not print your own artwork and hang that? If you have written something you are proud of, why not turn that into a piece of artwork, like a canvas with your quote written on it surrounded by a colour of your choice? 

Reclaimed Material

There is a growing market for reclaimed wood and other materials being used to create something new. If you are keen to show off your awareness and adherence to sustainability, the easy better way than getting some furniture made from reclaimed materials, such as reclaimed scaffold board used to make some unusual and beautiful floating shelves, for example. How about a door being used as a dining table? You could redo your floor with floorboards from an old, torn-down gym hall. There is a vast range of choices here, and not only will you have some unusual and fabulous furniture pieces, but you will also have a sense of history etched into the materials of your home. That can be a great effect.  

Learn to Reupholster

Most people have that old worn-out arms chair that is so comfortable, and nothing else will ever match it in a million years. But it has stuff coming out of it, and the material is almost worn away. It would break your heart to part with it, though. Well, you don’t have to. You can easily reupholster it. In fact, for some of your more boring pieces of furniture reupholstering is a great bet there too. Even doors and floors can be transformed. Hunt about for some material that really gives you that inspired feel, and learn how to cover it in this material. Old wooden furniture can be taken outside, sanded down, and either covered in wallpaper, painted, wood stained, or think about painting images in it. The floor and doors can also be sanded down and painted or stained etc. It really is up to you what you do with it. Think big. The good thing is, if you don’t like it, you can always change it, nothing is set in stone, and once you learn how to reupholster, you can do it again and again. This always makes a great creative hobby too, which in itself is good for your mental health. 

Mix up all Your Patterns and Textures

There are no rules when it comes to your home. The only rules are the ones you impose on yourself. So, go bold and wild. Things definitely do not have to match. In fact, if you get enough things that don’t match, then in a weird way, it does match. So remember this when you see all those crazy patterns that you love. The more strange and unusual patterns you find, the better, if this is your personality type. Each one will give you a certain feel that may promote an emotion. You can do the same things with texture. The images you find could be made from different materials; you can use a wide range of unusual materials for your reupholstering. Think about cushions and ornaments too. You do even mix smell into the equation too, by playing with scents, such as incense sticks and candles. You can create a warmth by using these things for a cooling effect. Experiment and see what comes out. This is your canvas, so be as bold as you like.

Throws, Rugs, Cushions, and Other Accessories

These things can help you add a lot of colour and life to your home. When it comes to using these things, don’t just stick to the usual places. Why not hang a throw attached to the wall or even the ceiling? If you are after a little mystique, then some dark shades will help you create this look. If you want a cosy and comfy living room, then you need a lot of cushions to add that softness and sense of relaxation. It becomes a place to destress, to let all your worries fade away as you laze in the dream state. Rugs can add that life too. Perhaps you have a multipurpose room, and a few rugs of different colours and patterns can help you make the distinction between zones. Some rugs can even be used outside, so if you have a small patio, think of livening up that space too. Other things for the garden include wind chimes, mirrored balls, and mirrors. Mirrors are great for making small spaces appear larger and more affluent, So use them wisely. There is such a wide range of accessories that can jazz up a space that there is no doubt you can add your individual spin to a place.   

Use Plants

Plants are another fantastic way to add your personality to a room and make it healthier and cleaner in the process. Plants can suck toxins out of the air and purify it, as well as give you can lush oxygen to breathe. There are also plants that emit hormones that can de-stress you too. So, if you want a room that is calming, then you should look for a few of these. With plants, too, you can use the plant pots as another accessory. Hanging pots look great in any room. There are pots that are made of twine or rustic-looking pot. Maybe you could go for a mish-mash of colours, shoes, sizes, styles and designs to go with the pattern you have chosen. There is something so nice about having plants in a room, though. If you have never had a plant in a room before, you will not regret having one.  

Image by Krisztina Papp from Pixabay