Top Five Most Watched Thriller Series 

Television series have long been a cornerstone of American entertainment, offering audiences a wide array of genres to suit their tastes. From heart-pounding thrillers that keep viewers on the edge of their seats to light-hearted sitcoms that bring laughter into living rooms, the United States has been a breeding ground for captivating TV shows that have captured the hearts and minds of millions.

However, thriller series have emerged as a dominant force in American television, appealing to viewers with their suspenseful plots and intense storytelling. These shows often delve into the darker aspects of human nature, exploring themes of crime, mystery, and psychological tension. One notable example is the critically admired series Breaking Bad.

Well, there are so many amazing series available that it becomes frustrating to choose which one to watch. For your ease, we have assembled a list of the most-watched thriller series. You can stream these seasons online or if you wish to watch them in one place, we recommend you subscribe to Mediacom, as it offers a huge variety of channels. To find out what channels are available in your area, go through the Mediacom channel guide for detailed information. 

Coming back to the topic, here are the top five thriller series that have been applauded all over the world. Read on first and then enjoy the one you like.  

  1. Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a really popular American TV show that combines science fiction, horror, and drama. It was created by the Duffer Brothers. 

The show is set in the 1980s and follows the residents of Hawkins, Indiana, as they face the haunting presence of an alternate dimension called the Upside Down. Led by Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, and others, Stranger Things combines investigative drama, supernatural elements, and nostalgic references to 1980s pop culture. 

It has gathered record viewership on Netflix, received critical acclaim for its characterization, atmosphere, acting, soundtrack, directing, and writing, and has been honored with numerous nominations and awards.

  1. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a very popular American TV show about a chemistry teacher named Walter White who starts doing illegal things after finding out he has cancer. He joins forces with his former student Jesse Pinkman to make and sell drugs. The show ran for five seasons with the first episode airing in 2008. 

It has received a lot of praise for its acting, directing, and storytelling. The main actors, including Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, and Dean Norris, are highly talented. 

Breaking Bad has a huge and loyal fan base and is often considered one of the best TV shows ever made. It is a must-watch if you haven’t already. 

  1. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is an immensely popular British TV series. The show explores a range of genres but mostly focuses on near-future dystopian worlds with advanced technology. Inspired by “The Twilight Zone,” it uses technology and media themes to comment on current social issues. 

With 27 episodes across six seasons, plus a special and an interactive film, the series first aired on Channel 4 before moving to Netflix. Charlie Brooker writes most of the episodes, with Annabel Jones as the executive producer. Black Mirror has received critical acclaim and is considered one of the best TV series of the 2010s. 

It has won several awards, including three consecutive Primetime Emmy Awards. The show has been admired for its thought-provoking stories and its ability to predict future technological and societal developments.

  1. Money Heist

In the thrilling series Money Heist, a mysterious man known as The Professor recruits a team of eight desperate criminals who share a common trait: they have nothing to lose. Their mission is to carry out the largest robbery in history, targeting the Spanish Royal Mint to steal 2.4 billion Euros. 

This international sensation has captivated audiences worldwide and has become a symbol of rebellion against government corruption. The story unfolds in real-time, with flashbacks providing insights into the characters and the events leading up to the heist. 

In the second season, the same group reunites to plan a daring heist on the Bank of Spain in order to save one of their own, and so on. 

  1. The Walking Dead

Based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, this gritty drama depicts life in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The story follows a group of survivors who constantly seek safety and stability, always on the move in their quest for a secure home. 

However, the daily struggle for survival pushes some members to the darkest corners of their humanity, revealing that the fear and conflicts among the survivors can be more dangerous than the flesh-eating zombies that populate their world. 

With a talented cast including Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohan, Josh McDermitt, and Christian Serratos, the series premiered on AMC on October 31, 2010. 


That’s a wrap. American television has gifted us with an incredible array of thrilling series and sitcoms. From the heart-pounding suspense of shows like Breaking Bad and Stranger Things to the comedic brilliance of sitcoms like Friends and The Big Bang Theory, these TV shows have become cultural phenomena, captivating audiences across the nation and beyond. So grab your favorite snack and start watching.  

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash