What Is the Best Recommendation Letter Editing Service?

A recommendation letter gives a chance to demonstrate all of your strong points to the admission committee. This part of the application helps to highlight your uniqueness and stand out from the crowd. So, to ignore it and not pay enough attention is not a good idea. 

No matter who wrote the text of the letter, there is a necessity to edit it. Inasmuch as it is very rare when a just written text turns out to be perfect. All the same, every text can be improved in some way. Therefore, editing a letter of recommendation is an irreplaceable stage when you work on your application. 

When it comes to recommendation letter editing, you have two options: self-editing and a professional editing service.

Useful Editing Tips from Professionals for Self-Editing  

If you have enough time and want to improve your editing skills, why not try to edit a recommendation letter by yourself? 

The editing experience will come in handy. What is more, self-editing can save you some money. 

Use these tips to provide high-quality editing of the recommendation letter:

  • Maintain structure and consistency in the text. There should be 6 parts: an introduction, a paragraph about the relationship between the author and you, a paragraph about your skills, a paragraph about your experience, a paragraph about your perspectives, and a conclusion.
  • Consider formatting requirements. Use a standard pattern as an example to format the text. 
  • Use online grammar checkers. Such online programs allow you to easily detect all the spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Let someone read the letter. It is difficult for you to get the real impression of text reading because you work on it and the letter is about you. 

Professional Letter of Recommendation Editing Help

This way of editing is convenient for multiple people. They are allured by the following benefits given by the choice of professionals:

  • Service saves your time and effort 
  • Experienced editors definitely know what the admission committee expects to find in the recommendation letter, so, they assure a high-class editing 
  • A fresh look at the text from the side

Inasmuch as a recommendation letter significantly influences the opinion of the admission committee, the editing process has to advance the text as much as possible. Who can be trusted with such an important task?

There are three leading services: EssayEdge, PaperTrue, and Polished Paper. 

EssayEdge offers:

  • 25 years of experience 
  • 90% of customers successfully enter universities in the US from the top 10
  • Great choice of services (editing motivation letter, scholarship essay, etc.)
  • Editors and writers are qualified specialists from Ivy League Schools
  • Editors and writers are native speakers 
  • Fast service (ready-to-use text delivery within 24-48 hours)
  • Possibility to choose a tariff

PaperTrue offers:

  • 8 years of experience 
  • Variety of services (formatting, referencing, etc.)
  • Experienced writers (native speakers)
  • Live communication with a team through phone, email, or chat

Polished Paper offers: 

  • 9 years of experience 
  • Wide range of services (editing resume, dissertation, admission essay, etc.)
  • 24/7 support 
  • Work without days off

Every service provides a unique approach to their orders. Choose what suits you more and get the improved recommendation letter. 

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