What Relationship Advice Would Men Give Women?

Have you ever wondered what kind of relationship advice men would give women? Women typically turn to other women for relationship advice, but there are many things that women do not know about men or how they think. Even if a woman has plenty of experience with men, they still cannot read their minds. Sometimes you need to go straight to who would know men best, other men. Men can offer great relationship advice since they know how other men think. This article will focus on 10 relationship tips that men want to give to women.

The first relationship tip that men want to give women is that guys can just be good friends. It is 100% possible that men and women can just be friends and nothing more. You do not need to freak out if your significant other if friends with a member of the opposite sex. Men are often the best of friends with women and everything will turn out fine.

The second relationship tip from men to women is to keep it simple. Men love to have a very simple and straightforward relationship with women. They do not want to be manipulated or to play games. Men also cannot read your mind, so do not expect them too. Women need to be able to communicate with men and vice versa. You need to keep it simple and be on the same page.

The third relationship hint is that that men do not want women to pretend to like things that they do not like. Men would rather women straight up say that they do not like something, like sports, instead of just pretending. There is nothing wrong with being interesting in different things. It is important to have different interests and to share those interests. You do not need to be carbon copies of each other.

The fourth relationship idea is that men do want commitment. Men want to be committed to women. There are some worries to commitment, like marriage, children, and money, but they still want that commitment. Men value fidelity much more than you would think.

The fifth relationship suggestion is that a man should never be a work in progress or a project for you. Do not try to change a man to suit your liking. Appreciate them as they are and not what you want to make them be. Do not treat a man like a project, it never ends well. Make sure you appreciate them and make them feel comfortable enough to be themselves with you.

The sixth relationship tip explains that not all men are the same. Even if your last boyfriend was terrible, it does not mean they all are. Do not bring the faults of your old relationship into your new one. It is okay to have some baggage just do not let it ruin your new, potentially great relationship.

The seventh relationship tip is about how men do need their “man moments”. Men need a boy’s night out” every now and then. They are allowed to have friends and a life outside of you. There is no need to be jealous, they just need some male bonding time. Friendships are important to both sexes and need to be important too.

The eighth piece of relationship advice says that men love women with an independent identity and strong opinions. In any relationship, you need to have a life outside of each other. It is important to do things on your own and have your own opinions. You do not need to share a brain.

The ninth relationship suggestion is that men value being appreciated and praised. Be sure to show some appreciation for your boyfriend, it is important to recognize their accomplishments. Do not nitpick every little thing they do wrong, that is not healthy. Be honest, but do not be very negative all the time.

The tenth and final relationship tip is that you need to have good communication about everything. Be sure to be as straightforward as possible and discuss anything that bothers you with your partner. Communication makes or breaks a relationship.

Any other advice men should give to women about relationships?

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