Why Mediterranean Food Is Good For Weight Loss

Mediterranean dishes are packed with everything that’s healthy for you. Even better, this specific diet does not lose its flavor while giving the health benefits you need.

Before we go crazy with Mediterranean food and how it will help you lose weight, note that physical fitness and exercise still play a vital role. No amount of diet can get you to your desired weight if you don’t incorporate some form of exercise.

Did you even do anything remotely physical today? Take walking to the fridge and back to your bedroom out of the equation. If your answer is No, go to your backyard and do a few minutes of jumping jacks before heading to the groceries, alright?

Now, if physical fitness is part of your daily routine, you are off to a good start. It is the time to unearth why Mediterranean food can actually make you lose more weight or at least maintain an ideal one.

Actual ingredients

Mediterranean dishes are mainly comprised of the following: 

  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Plant and other herbal oils
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Fruits

We have learned that all these ingredients are good for us since kindergarten. However, why are these foods neglected? Why do people easily choose the fatty and greasy ones that are sure to block arteries and make blood pressure skyrocket? 

Well, it is because these foods are known to be bland. It lacks the savory flavor that says burgers and pizzas are full of. Well, this is not the case with Mediterranean foods. Though full of fresh vegetables and seafood, the overall flavor is never sacrificed. 

You can munch on as much salad as you can without feeling guilty. You are ingesting foods that are definitely low in calories and high in fiber. As a result, you feel light and comfortable all day long. Also, knowing you had food that is guilt-free and healthy takes away one of your sources of stress.

Mediterranean food preparation

Ever noticed how Mediterranean foods are cooked? It’s either served fresh, steamed, boiled or grilled, right? Seldom do you see any dish deep-fried or swimming in oil. If at all, it’s actually not fried but just seared in olive oil (which is one of the healthiest). 

Foods that are deep-fried are generally bad for you. It has high-fat content which may shoot up blood pressure or clog arteries. Also, those are packed with insanely high levels of calories. Well, you know what happens to excess fat, right?

Having A Mediterranean diet can make you lose weight according to research

As reported by Health Line, a significant weight loss was achieved in a large study that involved 32,000 people. The study showed that these respondent’s strict adherence to the Mediterranean diet significantly slowed down their weight gain. Their belly fat was also in check for at least five years.

Aside from weight loss, the main ingredients of a Mediterranean diet help in decreasing inflammation in the body, reduce the risk of diabetes, boost blood vessel function, and many other medical health benefits.

Now you know how healthy eating can help you lose weight. If you are living in Australia, it is best that after a good jog around the block, few lapses in the pool, or some aerobic exercise, it is time to head out and dig in to some mediterranean food options in Melbourne.

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