Why You Should Consider An Electric Skateboard For Your Commute 

If you’re looking for an effective way to commute, you should invest in an electric skateboard. Also known as e-skate or esk8, electric skateboards are like regular ones, except that they have battery-powered motors to propel the wheels.  

Another great feature of electric skateboards is that their speed can be controlled using built-in brakes which makes them more reliable for commuting. Therefore, you can consider shifting from public or private transportation to one of the cheap electric skateboards on the market. 

There are various reasons to consider an electric skateboard for your commute. They include the following: 

  1. To Save Money

Buying an electric skateboard will likely cost you a significant initial investment. However, it’ll help you to save a lot of money in the long run.  

If you use a private vehicle when commuting, you’ll be required to refill the fuel. And after a short while, you’ll have spent thousands of dollars refueling your car. Another option is the use of public means of transport. This will also likely cost you a lot of monthly transport fees. 

Switching to an electric skateboard will save you a lot of money. Electric skateboards don’t use fuel because all you need to do is recharge them at your home. So, utilizing one when you’re commuting eliminates the need to pay for transportation every day. As such, you’ll save money.  

  1. To Avoid Traffic

Whether you use private or public means to commute, you’ll likely face a lot of traffic jams, especially during rush hours. Therefore, it’ll take you longer than expected to reach your destination.  

With an electric skateboard, you can avoid traffic jams. It’ll also allow you to travel through footpaths where there are no vehicles. Besides, you can use an electric skateboard to take a shorter route to reach your destination.  

  1. To Avoid Issues With Parking

When you use a private vehicle to go somewhere, you must look for a safe place to park it. Nevertheless, you must pay for the parking space where you’ll park your vehicle which takes much of your time and money. 

Sometimes, it can be challenging to find a place where you can park your car. That’s why you may decide to leave your private vehicle and utilize public means to commute and go to where you’re going. You can avoid these hassles by investing in an electric skateboard.  

Electric skateboards are of very small size compared to motor vehicles. They’re also easy to carry and keep. You can also go with it anywhere, even inside a public or private establishment. You won’t be worried about finding parking space as you can keep and carry it with you.  

  1. To Avoid Following The Schedule Of Public Means Of Transportation 

If you decide to use public transportation, you must follow the schedules of the various service providers. But that may hurt your flexibility and convenience.  

An electric skateboard, however, ensures you aren’t following any schedule. You can leave your home or place of work at the time you deem convenient and right for you.  

  1. To Do Exercise

Doing regular exercises is necessary for your overall health. It helps improve your mental and physical well-being. As such, you can avoid complications like heart disease, stroke, depression, insomnia, etc. That’s why it’s recommended for one to do exercises regularly. That’s where investing in an electric skateboard comes in.  

When you use an electronic skateboard to commute, you’ll be doing exercises daily. That’s true since you’ll be moving the skateboard with your body. Even balancing the skateboard is a type of exercise that can help promote your health.  

  1. To Get More Social

When you use other means of transport, you’ll barely take a break when traveling to talk to people. But with an electric skateboard, you can always take a pause and talk to people you meet on the way and make new friends. This enables you to connect with others and socialize.  

  1. To Save The Environment From Pollution

If you’re environmentally conscious, the best commuting option is to use an electric skateboard. Unlike vehicles, you won’t need to fuel your skateboard since you only need to recharge it. That minimizes the emission of harmful gases into the air and it goes a long way in helping establish a sustainable environment.  


Using an electric skateboard is one of the most effective approaches to commuting. It helps save money, avoid traffic, avoid parking hassles, and save the environment. However, you must select the most suitable electric skateboard for your travel needs.

Photo by Eddie Kopp on Unsplash

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