Why You Should Never Do Your Makeup in the Car

If you live a busy lifestyle, then you likely understand the struggle of finishing everything that you need to.

Running short on time means it’s easy to neglect things and multitasking becomes the norm for you.

One thing you should never multitask is putting on makeup while you’re driving! Even if you’ve done it countless times without error, you’re putting yourself and other drivers at risk every time you do it!

Finishing your makeup is never worth the risk of an accident and getting injured. Minor neck and back injuries cause pain that may never go away no matter how many treatments and therapies you try.

Let’s take a look at a few other great reasons to avoid applying your makeup on the road!

Being Late Leads to Acting Rushed

Whether you’re short on time or dreadfully late, this will inevitably lead to feeling rushed.

There are few things more irritating than feeling rushed. This leads to not having enough time to fully think things through and do them exactly how you want, like makeup. 

Rushed work leads to poor performance. You don’t feel confident about what you’re doing and you know that the result isn’t as good as it could be. 

Some people are just habitually late and it isn’t always malicious. You might have a different concept of time and it can seemingly fly by before you know it! 

If you’re rushing out the door because you’re running behind, then you probably aren’t finished getting ready. You surely don’t want to show up with partially-finished makeup, so doing it on the road seems like your only option.

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t do this.  

Your Eyes Aren’t On the Road

The first problem with doing your makeup while driving is that your eyes aren’t focused on the road!

Driving is an activity that requires your full attention at all times, including your eyes. You need to have your eyes glued to the road so you can look at all the other cars around you.

When you’re busy applying the finishing touches of mascara, there’s just no way that you’re looking at the road. You’re focused on making sure that your mascara is applied right and looks cute!

This focus will directly avert your eyes, which is a huge mistake that places your safety at risk! 

Your Hands Are Off the Wheel

Another thing to consider is that applying makeup will require you to take your hands off the wheel to do it.

If you’re a pro, then you can apply your makeup with just one hand with another still on the wheel. However, this is still incredibly unsafe because you’re paying attention to your makeup rather than handling your car.

Even if you have a hand on the wheel, what’s to say that it’s steering you in the right direction?

Your main hand is busy applying eyeliner or mascara, which can confuse your brain and prevent your other hand from steering properly.

Humans are incredibly poor at multitasking, so a hand that is doing anything other than holding the steering wheel is impacting your ability to drive well.

You Become a Distracted Driver

The biggest problem with finishing your makeup on the road is that it makes you a distracted driver.

Distracted driving has already become the number one reason for car accidents in the U.S. Can you confidently say that you aren’t distracted when you’re putting on makeup?

You want to make sure that your makeup is applied perfectly, which becomes your priority over paying attention to the road. 

This means that you might not immediately notice when the car in front of you slams on their brakes. You also won’t notice any spontaneous road hazards.

Being a distracted driver doubles your reaction time, meaning it will take you twice as long to stop.

Let’s say you’re trying to be safe and only applying makeup at red lights. You aren’t likely to notice the light turn green right away, which can also anger drivers behind you! 

You Can’t Drive Defensively

The last problem with finishing your makeup during your commute is that it eliminates your ability to drive defensively.

This might not seem important to you, but defensive driving is the best way to stay safe while on the road.

Defensive driving requires you to be focused on the road at all times. You need to study other drivers and their vehicles and anticipate disasters before they happen. This will allow you to take measures to avoid getting in an accident.

When you’re finishing up your eyeliner, there’s just not a chance that you can be driving defensively at the same time. How can you anticipate disasters when you’re focused on something other than driving?

The answer is simple – you can’t. There’s no better way to ensure your safety on the road than being defensive – and not about your right to put makeup on while driving! 

Wait Until You Arrive for Finishing Touches

Driving and makeup just don’t mix well together. Nobody has the skill to do both at the same time because they individually require all of your attention.

Because of this, just wait until you arrive before finishing your makeup. If you’re already late, then what are a few extra minutes going to change?

You also probably aren’t applying your makeup perfectly in a moving car. Finishing your makeup at your destination will let you put it on right and is much safer for you and other drivers.

Alternatively, consider waking up early to give yourself some extra time to finish getting ready. Sure, this cuts into your sleep, but it’s worth not feeling rushed and letting you drive safely! 

Closing Thoughts

Something you’ve probably done at some point in your life is finished your makeup while driving to work. 

This might seem like an effective way of getting ready and being on time, but it’s incredibly unsafe and not worth doing.

Doing this will take divert your eyes from the road and take your hands off the wheel. It also distracts you and makes it impossible to be a defensive driver.

The time you feel like you’re saving by doing your makeup while driving just isn’t worth it! Wait until you arrive or wake up early to be a smarter, more considerate driver!

Image by Mimimi9977 from Pixabay

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